Create WordPress Demo for any Product with Demo Builder

Ultimate solution for building beautiful WordPress demonstarions of how your product works and providing trial back-end accounts of your themes and plugins. Best plugin for displaying the key benefits of your work via the personally crafted front-end presentations and access to back-end trials.

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Plugin settings:

Take full control over your demo by using Demo Builder plugin features:

tunable demo lifetime

Tuneable Demo Lifetime

Definite what amount of time is enough for testing your WordPress products on the backend and easily set a demo lifetime. Each new demo user will be able to use a personal demo website (sandbox) during this time. You should not worry about any permanent unused data on the server as upon the account expiration date all modifications will be automatically cleaned up.

automatic data clean-up

Automatic Cleanups

All expired accounts will be automatically cleaned up. Every account confirmation email by default contains information about a demo lifetime, so all sandbox owners are aware that after some period of time their accounts will be deactivated. It means you should not receive any complaints on demo data loss.

isolated sandboxes

Isolated Sandboxes

Each demo user gets their personal accounts (sandboxes), which are insensitive to the changes other users apply. All backend tweaks stay intact till the end of a trial period. When a demo lifetime is finished, all sandbox data is permanently deleted.

user role restrictions

User Roles and Restrictions

It’s not necessary to provide sandboxes with access to all tools and pages of a WordPress demo product. As a network administrator, you can restrict access to all needed pages by managing user roles of sandboxes. For example, you may either block access to all posts or to just some chosen ones.

responsive toolbar

Responsive Toolbar

Why not let the users of demo accounts know more about your other products? With this plugin, you may optionally set a responsive toolbar right in the demo dashboard to feature the list of related products and show your logo. This tool is especially useful for presenting WordPress themes and plugins, so the user can quickly switch the products and preview or test each.

mailchimp integration

MailChimp Integration

MailChimp is a well-known email marketing service. It was implemented into the plugin to help you collect the addresses of your users and keep them posted with your latest news even after their accounts are no longer in use. That’s a great way to help you transform a casual user into a client. You may also group your potential users by interests to achieve better results.

managemenet of demos

Easy Management of Created Demos

There is a flexible set of tools within the plugin settings to easily manage all demo accounts. Each network administrator has control over created demos: to view, modify and delete them. Moreover, by visiting user accounts you can view and analyze what are the most tested tools/features of your WordPress products.



With Demo Builder you get access to a detailed statistic on created and activated demos during a chosen period of time. The data presented in a table also shows an amount of demos that were already deleted from the database. Statistics information is a great resource to analyze how many users are actually interested in installing/buying your WordPress products during a certain period of time.

professional support

Email Confirmation

Nobody likes spam. Secure account confirmation by email will free you from spam attacks maximum simplifying demo accounts management process. A new sandbox is created only in case the confirmation link is clicked ensuring that you’ll deal with real people only.

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We want to make our product better, so will be glad to receive your feedback and improve MotoPress specially for you! Leave a message below, make your voice heard!

  • Chuck Royer

    Is there any way to have your products not just build integrations with MailChimp? There are many of my clients using Constant Contact and integrating that email option would help me sell more of my services buying more licenses of MotoPress plugins to build their websites.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your suggestion. It is not possible for now but we’ll keep in mind this request. Have a nice day.

  • Karim

    Does it includes lifetime updates?

    • Hi Karim,
      Yes, updates are lifetime but support is provided for one year.

  • Ken

    Is it possible to let users test plugins that can not be network activated?

    • Hi Ken,
      You can enable Plugins item within Network settings and allow it within Restrictions so that demo users could activate plugin on their own.

  • Your product looks great. How about security? Could users possibly access all files on the server, not just from their own temporary demo account, through the plugin or theme editor or other such plugin manipulating files? Or inject sql queries to the main site database?

    • Your demo users can edit only subsite they created within network i.e. their demo
      site. The security is the same as in WordPress Multisite network but you
      can also control restrictions allowing access to certain menu items/sections of the dashboard.
      You should not worry about security.

  • Jonathan Power

    Hi folks good day from Ireland 🙂 I just bought the plugin and I’m loving it has great features. One part I’m unsure of is the ‘Export feature in Manage Sandboxes’ what is this for? can I use this to use the WordPress importer to export and import a demo site into a new installation?


    • Hi Jonathan,
      Thank you for your choice. Using ‘Sandbox Export’ option you can get database file and all uploads your demo user used at his sandbox. Thus you can provide him with all the changes he applied to his demo. And he can import that information to other WordPress website uploading database sql.file to new DataBase and media files to server. It is not an .xml file to import with WordPress importer.