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This WordPress demo plugin will help you present key benefits of your products via custom front-end demos and provide the prospects with personal back-end trial accounts. Don’t fuss with in-house solution for months, create awesome demos of your WordPress plugins and themes in clicks. A one-of-a-kind WordPress theme demo plugin.

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Product is subject to a yearly license for support and automatic updates.
WordPress Demo Builder

WordPress Demo Builder Plugin Highlights

Requirements: Use for WordPress multisite with sub-directories.
Demo Builder works only with multisite subfolders. It’s not optimized for the sub-domain structure.

To proceed with building your first product demo you may follow the detailed guide on how to use WordPress Demo Builder plugin guide on MotoPress blog.

Turn Your WordPress into SAAS Website

WordPress Demo Builder tunable demo lifetime WordPress Demo BuilderTuneable Demo Lifetime

Definite what amount of time is enough for testing your WordPress products on the backend and easily set a demo lifetime.

Each new demo user will be able to use a personal demo website (sandbox) during this time. You should not worry about any permanent unused data on the server as upon the account expiration date all modifications will be automatically cleaned up.

WordPress Demo Builder automatic data clean-upAutomatic Cleanups

All expired accounts will be automatically cleaned up.

Every account confirmation email by default contains information about a demo lifetime, so all sandbox owners are aware that after some period of time their accounts will be deactivated. It means you should not receive any complaints on demo data loss.

isolated sandboxesIsolated Sandboxes

Create the WP admin demo access for your prospects to showcase your theme or plugin. Each demo user gets their personal accounts (sandboxes), which are insensitive to the changes other users apply.

All backend tweaks stay intact till the end of a trial period. When a demo lifetime is finished, all sandbox data is permanently deleted.

WordPress Demo Builder user role restrictionsUser Roles and Restrictions

It’s not necessary to provide sandboxes with access to all tools and pages of a WordPress demo product. As a network administrator, you can restrict access to all needed pages by managing user roles of sandboxes.

For example, you may either block access to all posts or to just some chosen ones.

WordPress Demo Builder responsive toolbarResponsive Toolbar

Why not let the users of demo accounts know more about your other products?

With the WordPress Demo Site plugin, you may optionally set a responsive toolbar right in the demo dashboard to feature the list of related products and show your logo. This tool is especially useful for presenting WordPress themes and plugins, so the user can quickly switch the products and preview or test each.

mailchimp integrationMailChimp Integration

MailChimp is a well-known email marketing service. It was implemented into the plugin to help you collect the addresses of your users and keep them posted with your latest news even after their accounts are no longer in use. That’s a great way to help you transform a casual user into a client.

You may also group your potential users by interests to achieve better results.

managemenet of demosEasy Management of Created Demos

There is a flexible set of tools within the plugin settings to easily manage all demo accounts. Each network administrator has control over created demos: to view, modify and delete them. Moreover, by visiting user accounts you can view and analyze what are the most tested tools/features of your WordPress products.

WordPress Demo Builder StatisticsStatistics in WordPress Demo Builder

With the WordPress Demonstration plugin you get access to a detailed statistic on created and activated demos during a chosen period of time.

The data presented in a table also shows a number of demos that were already deleted from the database. Statistics information is a great resource to analyze how many users are actually interested in installing/buying your WordPress products during a certain period of time.

WordPress Demo Builder professional supportEmail Confirmation

Nobody likes spam.

Secure account confirmation by email will free you from spam attacks maximum simplifying the demo accounts management process. A new sandbox is created only in case the confirmation link is clicked ensuring that you’ll deal with real people only.

We are happy to see that many WordPress developers choose our plugin. Take a look at their real-life websites using Demo Builder.

Here is also an awesome detailed video review by David Waumsley on how to work with our WordPress demo-builder plugin.


Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars
3 reviews
5 stars
4 stars
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1 star
WordPress Demo Builder works like a charm! 5/ 5stars

This review comes after almost 3 years of using it on various sites.

I have long needed reliable demo software for WordPress, but up until I met WordPress Demo Builder the options were short lived, expensive or buggy.

This product is none of these! I don’t think you will regret buying it.

Thank you MotoPress for this great plugin.

Very handy and useful plugin. 5/ 5stars

Using plugin, I created a demo site in just 5 minutes. Thanks!

Want to quickly build a demo site You are essential plugin! 5/ 5stars

The best plug-in for building demo sites. The functionality is outstanding.

However, there is one improvement point left.

The mail delivery does not work with Plain text.
* It is delivered by html mail even if it is set to Plain text

And, one strongly desired function.

It is a function to set “transfer to Thanks URL” when there is a demo request.

We have requested our support team.
I am looking forward to version upgrade.

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55 Replies to “WordPress Demo Builder

  1. Hello,
    The demo expiration time is not accurate. It doesn’t trigger the deactivation action of a sandbox. I’ve checked the wp schedualer, and it seems working proberly. I tried to disable the WP cron job and replace ot by a real cron job on the server side, nothing helps! The expiration of the sandboxes are not working!
    Any help please?

  2. Hello. There are demos that I have created for each sector. I want the demo page to go to the customer when the sector is selected and the mail is entered. (No need to go to admin panel login or information) Can we run your system like this?

    1. Hi, Unfortunately, I’m not sure I get the question correctly. Could you please describe it in more detail or submit a ticket by providing examples or screenshots of what you try to achieve?

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Release Notes

1.7.6, Apr 18 2024

  • Fixed deprecated function usage: Updated code to use block_categories_all instead of the deprecated block_categories function.

1.7.5, Mar 11 2024

  • The width of the mobile device preview has been increased to 360px.

1.7.4, Apr 25 2023

  • Schedule cron on init rather on plugin activation.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.7.3, Aug 26 2022

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.7.2, Aug 5 2022

  • Load reCaptcha script only when it is enabled.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.7.1, Sep 16 2021

  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with sandbox being created twice per registration.

1.7.0, Jun 18 2020

  • Added the ability to generate and download reports in csv format.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.4.
  • Improved security check of user capabilities and restrictions.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

1.6.1, Jul 31 2019

  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with Demo Registration Popup.

1.6.0, Mar 4 2019

  • Added support for WordPress 5.0.
  • Added new blocks to Gutenberg.


  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with copying the tables in a new Sandbox.
  • Optimized logs data.


  • Improved compatibility with PHP7.


  • New version of plugin updater code.


  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with MailChimp subscription on sub-sites.


  • Load jQuery UI styles on certain pages only.


  • Added the ability to protect registration forms with reCaptcha.
  • Added the ability to export demo sandbox to import to another website.
  • Added the ability to subscribe users to different MailChimp lists according to registered demo.
  • Bug fix: increased MailChimp pagination limit to get more than 10 lists and interests.


  • Supplied demo registration form with the option for users to choose a source for creating a sandbox.
  • Added the option that lets users reset demo site to default.
  • Optimized the admin dashboard by hiding the list of sandboxes from the main admin board.


  • Added the ability to Archive or Deactivate sandbox after expiration.
  • Added the ability to modify sandbox expiration date, set it to lifetime and change current sandbox status (Active, Archived or Deactivated)
  • Improved sandboxes table in Dashboard. Email, expiration date and sandbox status added.
  • Improved data organization in database.


  • Added the ability to allow access to Plugins menu for sandboxes. Network Settings - Plugins option should be enabled
  • Added the ability to keep the user after a sandbox expiration
  • Added the ability to search a sandbox by email
  • Added the ability to set blog_id in shortcode and widget in order to create a demo from the specific sub-site
  • Improved logic of menu restrictions. Added the ability to set a list of disallowed URLs


  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with mysqli_connect


  • Check multisite with sub-directories option on activation


  • Minor improvements in menu structure


  • New Demo Registration Form and Demo Registration Popup widgets