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    I would like to report a behaviour of the HB payment request add-on which I think is not fine.

    When the client follows the link to pay balance payment, the admin receives an email saying the payment has been done, as soon as the payment post is created in WordPress.
    But it can happen that status of the payment goes to failed because the card transaction failed, and in this case the admin has no notification about it.

    I would suggest to modify the plugin so that automatic email to admin is only triggered when the status of the payment post goes to succeed.

    This matter is also related to another forum post for the Woocommerce payment add-on plugin :


    Alex M

    The issue is fixed in Hotel Booking Payment Request 1.1.2

    The email is sent when the payment status is changed to “On Hold”. It’s the correct behavior for built-in “Pay on arrival” and “Direct bank transfer” gateways. But it’s not correct for payments made through the WooCommerce Payments addon while any payment via this addon has “On Hold” status during the checkout process. So we disabled this email for payments made via WooCommerce Payments addon only.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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