Payment refused and later accepted not handled correctly

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    Christer Fernstrom


    I have been using the Woocommerce Payment plugin for quite some time without any problems until a few days ago. What happended (according to the bank) was that a customer first entered an erraneous credit card number, which resulted in a refusal of the transaction, then returned to the payment page and entered a correct number, and the payment went through. This resulted in the following sequence of state changes in Woocommerce:
    (I’m translating from French so some of the wordings may be slightly wrong)

    1) Customer directed to the payment page
    2) Payment refused by the bank (error in card number)
    3) The customer comes back from the payment page. The payment was refused by the bank. The order status changed from waiting for payment to cancelled
    4) Payment accepted by the bank
    5) Status of the order changed from cancelled to in progress

    The problem is that the state changes 4 and 5 were not detected by Hotel Booking and the booking remained cancelled, while the order came through in Woocommerce.

    This is fortunately a rare situation, but can never the less happen (and it did). Could this be fixed? I’m not sure if the problem lies in the Hotel Booking plugin or the Hotel Booking Woocommerce Payments plugin (or possibly both).

    Best regards,
    — christer

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