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    Peter Edwards

    Still no support on ticket 67447

    Support responses in loop state asking for steps to reproduce issue

    Issue returned naturally after two days of clearing cache as usual

    Left site with issue present for over 24 hours so they could check it but no response from support when site is not working.

    Had to clear site cache.

    Created a video with the issue

    Took screen shots

    Saved console errors in log file

    Saved html source and sent to support lets see if we get some….

    Peter Edwards

    After applying update to plugin yesterday and purging Lite Speed Cache the issue has returned one day later.

    Support agents no longer responding to my ticket updates #67447

    New ticket created #68231 for a response on ticket #67447

    Console throwing error

    Checking URL shows this
    {“success”:false,”data”:{“errorMessage”:”Request does not pass security verification. Please refresh the page and try one more time.”}}

    I have tried to add mphb_get_room_type_calendar_data to the LiteSpeed Cache > Page Optimisation > URI excludes


    LiteSpeed Cache -> Page Optm -> Tuning -> Optimize for Guests Only , set it to OFF

    Will report back here to let you know if the above fixes anything

    J. Davis

    Hi, the case is being reviewed by our developers. We will notify you once we have any news.

    Gundula Uray

    Can confirm the issue on my side as well since the change. Can’t use litespeed cache anymore.
    any progress or advice of what needs to be exluded fr the calendar to work again?


    Any update on this Motopress?? I’ve not heard anything back from the support ticket since sharing access to the staging site a few months ago. I have since disabled access to it consider nothing is happening.


    The same thing happened to me; I removed the staging version I had made available for troubleshooting. Sadly, this is not the first time MotoPress has rolled out problematic updates and gone on as if nothing happened until, over the years, some of their technicians inadvertently fixed the problem.


    They stated the case was being reviewed a month ago – surely there should be some update by now that can be shared? I would like to be running the latest version but obviously can’t do this when there is an issue that stops customers being able to book.

    J. Davis

    Hi, our developers are working on the date pick optimization and we hope to notify you about the result soon. We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience.


    Thank you John. I will look out for improvements in the next update then.

    Mark Blokker

    Same problem here. I am also using liteSpeed for a long time. Since a couple of weeks i experience the same problem.

    Worst timing ever for a bug like this. This will cost me a lot of bookings… When will this be solved? Or i will need to check out a plan B..

    J. Davis


    We hope to release a new version on Monday (January 8, 2024). Meanwhile, you may try to set a shorter interval to clear the cache automatically via LiteSpeed cache plugin settings. Thank you.

    Andre Flores

    Hello everyone,

    I’m delighted to let you know that we have just released the Hotel Booking plugin update v. 4.8.7 with the datepicker loading optimized – the issue you’ve faced with caching must be resolved once you update the plugin to the latest version. Do not forget to clear the cache after updating to make sure changes are applied.

    Let us know if the issue persists or if you have further concerns.

    Best regards,
    Andre Flores


    Hi Andre,

    Thanks to you and the team for looking into this. I have tried the update and whilst it is working quicker it still isn’t as fast as how the calendar worked in 4.7 (calendar loads instantly in 4.7). I have therefore revert back to 4.7 again.

    What are other people experiencing? I would love to know how the other users have got on.



    Unfortunately, nothing has changed with 4.8.7. Although the loading speed has improved, the calendar remains challenging for website visitors.

    Also, old version 4.7 was more innovative/advanced; when you entered a date in the checkout, the check-in would automatically force you to enter a later date. Now, the calendar is missing this advanced feature.

    I still need to understand why Motopress made this functional downgrade with 4.8+.

    Pavel Lukáš

    I agree, the best fully functional version so far is 4.7, the 4.8.x versions just fix bugs from 4.8
    Maybe it would be better to start over from version 4.7 and skip the calendar updates.

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