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It’s so easily to make your website eye-catching and fresh-looking with MotoPress Slider. This feature-rich plugin will help you to beneficially disclose information for your clients and draw their attention at once. MotoPress Slider is already responsive and features various animation and transition effects for slides and their content as well as allows to insert Youtube and Vimeo videos as a background. Moreover, the MotoPress Slider plugin is SEO friendly what is really important in the competitive online business.

Responsive WordPress Slider

Below we present you a stunning collection of 3 websites with MotoPress Slider used. Check it out and do not hesitate to be the next one to showcase your web project on our list.



On this website, MotoPress Slider as the best slider plugin for WordPress helps carry on a conversation with visitors as every image displays a part of the sentence. It is a great way to engage and keep their attention. The general effect is completed with stunning images depicting the power of energies. Green type in combination with white background hints at the nature-related topic.

Musikverein Scheuerfeld


The clean and classic design of the front page in addition to a well-structured menu complements the website with a good navigation area. The best WordPress slider plugin became a great tool in demonstrating the happy participants of the “Musikverein Scheuerfeld” and the main activities hosted there. The supposed strictness of the German language is diminished thanks to the funny emojis.

Burley Clay Products


The bright exposition of the artworks from the Burley Clay Products takes away the visitors’ breathe. Colorful pictures displayed with the slider plugin WordPress fit well in the general creative style of the website. It empowers you with toggle buttons offering you to change the type size and contrast scale. You straight away see a kaleidoscopic catalog of products and key information presented.

If you would like us to add your website to our next collection, please, feel free to leave the link in the comments and we will add it to our roundup.

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