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    Carl Gustaf Crafoord


    I just installed WPML and completed the setup. How do I get the translations already done by MotoPress to show up? (Swedish)

    Also, is there a way to select only the Motopress front end fields for translation in new unsupported languages? (Vietnamese)

    Carl Gustaf Crafoord

    Hmm. It works a little bit now. I added the two Swedish files to /wp-content/languages/motopress-hotel-booking/


    But even after translating the accommodation pages – the search and booking system does not seem to work. Do I need to use some special options in WPML to make it work? Duplicate instead of translate pages?

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    Carl Gustaf Crafoord

    Alright. I solved that too.

    To make bookings work, everything has to be translated first. I had missed translating the different Rates.

    However, now I found that the official Swedish translation of Motopress is missing quite a few fields. Half the checkout page is in English. So next step is updating that.

    Can I share the updated file with the rest of the forum somewhere?

    Stacy Lind

    Hi Carl,

    Thank you for figuring out the issues on your own.
    Some translations may be missing if the strings were added after the translation was made.
    We would be grateful if you add the missing translations by registering here. The translations will be reviewed and included into one of the future plugin updates.
    Also here is an article on how to translate the booking plugin with WPML.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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