Different rates for Week, Weekend and Midweek

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    Hi all,

    I want to have different rates for Week, Weekend and Midweek. For all of the three, I have a summer and a winter season added.

    Check-in: Friday
    Check-out: Friday

    Check-in: Friday
    Check-out: Monday

    Check-in: Monday
    Check-out: Friday

    I’ve added this to the booking rules. Besides that I’ve added max/min stay in nights:

    Minimum nights: 6 nights
    Maximum nights: 7 nights

    Minimum nights: 2 nights
    Maximum nights: 3 nights

    Minimum nights: 3 nights
    Maximum nights: 4 nights

    After that, I’ve added rates for this apartment. I’ve added a night price for the apartment, for every season.

    First question: Is it possible what I describe up here?

    Second question: I’m getting so frustrated. I’ve tried everything to tweak it, but I can’t find this mistake.

    The problem is, that you can only book the room starting on Friday (that should be for the weekend or weekly rates), but according to the seasons/booking rules and rates, you should be able to book something starting on Monday (Midweek) as well. When selecting the Friday rate, it automatically​ select the end date, 7 days later. But when booking for a weekend, you should be able to select the Monday as well. That’s not possible.

    I hope you understand what I mean up here. When someone can help me I would be very happy! When you want to have a look, let me know so I can send you login details.

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    By the way, the check-in day for the weekend and the week rate are both on Friday. But when changing one of them to another day, nothing changes.

    That’s logical because the check-in day for a Midweek is on Monday and I can’t book that one either.

    When changing the order of the check-in day in the Booking Rules (so now WEEK is at the top), but when changing it to WEEKEND at the top; then you can only book a weekend.

    Why is this? I can’t imagine I’m the first one doing this. :'(

    Chrissy Raudonis

    Here’s my advice from what I can understand (its a little confusing because you specify check-in / check-out days, but then have variable lengths of stay – some of which don’t correspond to those days):
    I’d go in and set up Monday and Friday both as check-in and check-out days. Select Sunday as a check out day as well. Set your rates for each of the days of the week using seasons. Set Min and Max as 2 and 7.

    Simplest solution if you’re willing to clean every day is to just set a different rate for each day of the week, using seasons, and leave it at that.


    Hi Chrissy,
    The Check-in/out days are leading. Sorry for the confusing numbers.

    Are you willing to have a look in my wordpress panel? I would really appreciate that.

    Chrissy Raudonis
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    J. Davis

    Hi Thom,

    Here I’ve created a demo where I tried to meet the requirements you listed https://hbdemo.getmotopress.com/u5d9wzp1t3gobhy/ Please check if it fully meets your requirements.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

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