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    Tuukka Latumäki

    Hey there,

    I live in country where you have show price VAT included to Customer and also a Price brakedown where it shows amout of VAT exluded.

    At this point I have managed to go trough without VAT showing on the brakedown by not accepting online payments and by giving a receipt for payment at arrival.

    I was planning to accept online payments to ease amount of work that comes in payment on arrival.

    Is there any way to get around missing feature to included VAT on price? All I really need is to show price with VAT (for example shown Price = base price * 1,10) and Woocommerce could deal with price brakedown calculation on online payment receipt.

    Any help?

    Alex M

    You can add Taxes in Dashboard → Bookings → Taxes & Fees.
    Follow this document

    Then in the Price Breakdown on the Checkout Page there will be next rows (example):
    Accommodation Subtotal: €750
    8% WV sales tax: €60
    Accommodation Taxes Subtotal: €60
    Total: €810

    Also there is an option in settings to make Price Breakdown opened by default.

    Florian Murnig

    I would really need that feature too. Right now all prices will be need to set up without VAT and at the final checkout VAT will be on top of the total.
    I would need to have all prices including VAT and a total including VAT with a a price breakdown of VAT seperate.
    Is there anything to change this? Some hooks or direct change in the code?

    Thanks a lot

    Tuukka Latumäki

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The problem is that I need to present price with VAT included and show VAT exluded on the price brakedown.

    For example:
    Room prize 100 € (VAT 10% included)

    Price brakedown:
    Room VAT 0%: 90,91 €
    VAT 10 %: 9,09€
    TOTAL: 100 €

    Florian Murnig

    that‘s exactly what I need too and it is very urgent.

    thanks for help

    J. Davis


    Thank you for your suggestions. Since this question is related to finances, payments we should investigate it thoroughly so it won’t be added this or next week. Thanks for understanding.
    Anybody who found this topic – feel free to leave your votes below providing VAT examples you need to implement on your sites.

    best regards,
    J. Davis



    21% VAT

    Pascal Groß


    we need this feature, too.
    It would be great to have the VAT included in the rates an then only say: VAT are 7% of the total …

    This applies to the accommodation search page (where the estimated price is displayed, as well). And here the VAT is missing at all, what is rather illegal in Germany …

    This is very urgent!

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    Jan Turek

    I vote for it too.

    Mary Evans


    Thank you for your upvotes and examples, they’ve been added.
    We’ll notify you as soon as there is any news on the feature implementation.

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

    Daniel Steinmann

    Another upvote. We need taxes to be included (not added on checkout).

    Andre Flores

    Hello, Daniel!

    Thanks for your up-vote, it has been counted. Meanwhile you may try the workaround provided by one of the users in this topic.



    +1 from me.
    Raised this problem ages ago – no implementation so far.

    Pricing required to show incl. of GST/VAT to end consumer, but if we configure the tax through the plugin, net prices are shown until check-out (against the law in some countries as @Pascal mentioned!).

    I am using a walk around because I use HB Woo-Commerce Payments as well:
    I define all rates incl. of VAT and configure the tax in Woo-Commerce and set to already included in product price.


    Andre Flores

    Hello there,

    Thank you for your up-vote, I have added it to the feature request. Our developers are currently busy with other priority tasks, including implementing more popular feature requests. We will see if they will be able to start working on this feature later.


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