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    Rodrigo Puerto

    I’m getting this error:
    Downloading update from ht tp://motopress.com/edd-sl/package_download/MTQ5NTMxNTIwNTpkYjhiYjBmMDdhMGYxMDE5YjcyNmJhZGI3NTIyYzYyZDoxNTc3OmUyZjY5ZTI4NzBmYmI2NDM2ZTBjMDIyODVmNzE3OWZjOjow…
    An error occurred while updating MotoPress Content Editor: Download failed. Unauthorized

    License is activated


    J. Davis

    Hi Rodrigo,

    Could you specify how to replicate the issue? Make sure the license is activated. Did you try to update Content Editor from your WordPress? What version of plugin is currently installed?

    Best regards,


    Darren Crawford

    I got the same error trying to update in WordPress from Motopress 2.1.1 to 2.2.0. I come here to see about updates and it says there are none.


    Jeanne Smith

    I have the same error. I purchased the license when it said it had expired and then tried to update Motopress from 1.5.8 to 2.2.0. An error occurred while updating MotoPress Content Editor: Download failed. Unauthorized. I just updated to WP 4.7.4,


    Louise Cook

    I have the same problem with two Moto plugins – the license was updated a few days ago.

    An error occurred while updating MotoPress Slider: Could not copy file. motopress-slider/vendor/jqueryui/jquery-ui-touch/jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js

    An error occurred while updating MotoPress Content Editor: Could not create directory. motopress-content-editor/includes/ce/shortcodes/post_grid/templates

    I have checked the file permissions and they are all set to allow read/write. I can install other plugins. The Cherry Framework is up to date.

    Is there a manual installation method we can try?


    J. Davis


    While we are working on it please try to remove current plugin from your WordPress, download latest version from your account and install it to your WordPress.
    We are sorry for temporary inconveniences.

    Best regards,


    Louise Cook

    Hi John,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Before I do this can you please confirm we will not lose any data if we do delete and re-install the content and the slider plugins?


    J. Davis

    Hi Louise,

    You should not loose any content after plugin re-installation. But it is recommended to backup files and database before each update or re-installation.

    Best regards,


    Reggie Byrum

    Don’t mean to sound harsh, but MotoPress Content Editor is really a “forced purchase” isn’t it? It seems to come with all of my templates I purchase from TemplateMonster but after a while it “expires” and you have to pay to keep it updated. Yet try deactivating it and the template breaks and screams it is mandatory – so we are forced to renew – or leave an outdated plug-in which is open to attacks. Does that about sum it up?


    J. Davis

    Hi Reggie,

    Thank you for contacting us with this question as we’d like to explain how license works and other options provided.
    First of all license expiration means that you stop getting automatic updates and technical assistance. Your content is not affected once the license expired. You can still use Visual Builder as it does not violate license terms. Moreover there is provided 50% discount off the license plan price for each renewal. You can renew the license whenever you need an update or technical assistance.
    If you do not want to renew the license you can get Extended Support offer. We’ll provide you with latest version of plugin + technical assistance for 1 year.
    Also since 2.0.0 version content created with Visual Builder is transformed into simple HTML after deactivating/removing the plugin.
    if none of the solutions is acceptable for you you can remove premium version of plugin and install Lite version
    Contact us if you have any additional questions.

    Best regards,


    J. Davis

    Hi Patricia,

    As far as I understand you ask about Slider plugin while we are at Content Editor topic. Most likely there is installed out of date PHP version at your server. Slider requires PHP 5.3+ version. Please updated it. If it is not helpful you can submit a request to our support team.

    Best regards,


    Stramatis Moschos

    trying to updade motopress from version 1.5.8 to business 3.0.4 and i get the following error

    “Update Failed: Could not create directory. motopress-content-editor/includes/ce/shortcodes/post_grid/templates”



    Stacy Lind

    Hi Stramatis,

    Please, follow this instruction for updating:
    1. Deactivate and delete the currently installed versions of MotoPress Content Editor.
    2. Login into your MotoPress account https://www.motopress.com/my-account/ You can do it with the email that you used to buy the plugin. If you do not know your password, click ‘Lost Password?’.
    3. As soon as you login find your product and click View Details and Downloads. There you will see a file for download and its license key.
    4. You need to install the downloaded file through your Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
    5. Do not forget to activate your plugin with the license key from your MotoPress account.
    The re-installation will not affect your content.
    If it does not help, please, submit a ticket here.

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