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    chandrika bhargava

    Hi guys need some specific help with how exactly to sync calendars – so for instance what EXACTLY do I need from other channels like for example. do I need a login or can I do it some other way and what link am I looking for? and where do I find it ?



    Hi chandrika,

    Log into
    Go to the individual room/apartment calendar page (I have 4 apartments).
    Near the bottom is “Sync Calendar” with option to “Import” or “Export”.
    Click “Export” and this generates a link to this calendar, copy this link… leave this page open..

    Open new tab and log into WordPress, go to “Bookings” then “Sync Calendars”
    Choose the same room/apartment (again, I have 4 – so choose correctly) and “Import Calendar” then paste the link there…

    NOW select and copy the “Export” link from the same room/apartment and go back to page…

    In the same room calendar page select the “Import Calendar” and paste your wordpress – booking calendar link.
    Close -OR- Repeat process for each room/apartment !

    If you have multiple rooms/apartments, make sure you get the same rooms matched together from & your website.

    This sync’s the calendars in BOTH directions.. Your Website bookings get imported into as “Unavailable” dates.

    In wordpress – booking – “Sync Calendars” … press sync calendars.
    Check wordpress – bookings – calendar to view imported bookings.

    Hope ive helped without stepping on toes.


    J. Davis

    Hi Chandrika and thank you Joe,

    Each OTA or platform that support iCal synchronization provides a link with ics file where are stored all the bookings of certain accommodation. Thus each side downloads the file and updates information if there are new bookings to make the dates unavailable and skips/ignores existing bookings.
    Here is video tutorial that explains how it works:

    Lee Garner

    Hi Chandrika,

    I just spoke to as I cannot find the sync calendar button at the bottom of the page. They explained that only 1 room per room type can be synced.
    We have (for eg) 10 single rooms – but can only use 1 room if we are to sync using this plugin.
    Do you have any ideas? I bought this plugin and the theme Alpenhouse specifically for this purpose…
    I would really appreciate your assistance/help asap

    J. Davis

    Hi Lee,

    Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we can not control terms and policy of each OTA, channel or platform. All we can do is to keep supporting ical synchronization on our side and allow this for different property types.
    You can try contacting asking if they can offer any solution for cases with more properties. Thank you for understanding.

    best regards,

    Bohiques Business And Personal Solutions

    I need to sync one calendar to multiple accommodations, but it creates conflicts (Can only be sync to one accommodation).

    Andre Flores

    Hello there,

    Are you syncing a single calendar from to multiple accommodations in the Hotel Booking? If so, note that you are not allowed to use the same export link for more than 1 accommodation. As a workaround you may try adding some prefix to the export link, e.g. &a=1, &a=2, &a=3 etc. For example:




    Hello, I have a website that lists accommodations from various providers, and I’ve decided to manage bookings outside platforms like Booking and Airbnb. Owners typically use Booking and Airbnb to attract guests. My question is as follows: Can my website, where I use the Hotel Booking plugin, only import bookings from OTAs without exporting my own bookings from the website?

    Thank you in advance.

    J. Davis

    Hi Chenrik,
    You need to add ical links from and Airbnb to your site at Bookings > Sync Calendars. That’s it. You simply Do Not need to copy ical URLs from your site and add them to and Airbnb so that those platforms can not import bookings from your site.

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