Security Deposit.

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    Andre Flores

    Hello Amy,

    The request is still in our list, however, it has not been quite popular to the date. There are other requests with many up-votes, so they are at the top of our developers’ to-do list at the moment.
    There are two third-party solutions, which should work for credit card pre-authorization with the Hotel Booking plugin:

    WooCommerce Offline Credit Card Payment Method
    Offline Credit Card Processing for WooCommerce

    You may use one of them as a workaround.


    James Valentine

    (I’m posting this on a couple of threads so that no one who might want it will miss it – excuse the double posting, mods).

    I am requesting a security deposit payment directly through Stripe using a payment URL. It’s for a fixed amount so this works well.

    I don’t want my admins to have to sign into Stripe to process the refund so I have written a basic plugin to work with MotoPress.

    There is a zip in the dist/ directory which can be installed directly into WordPress but feel free to make a new zip based on the contents of this repo, or even copy the files onto your server manually for peace of mind.

    It will use the Stripe secret key you have stored in MotoPress, give you a list of payments and allow you to make a partial refund of any of them.

    Note that this refund will _not_ be tracked in the MotoPress booking for that customer – it’s intended for refunding other payments external to the booking.

    I hope that you can extend it and I will consider pull requests when I have time. I have time to offer some basic support but it is open source.

    Erik Groen

    The security deposit has been a topic in this forum for a long time. It might be complicated to have it perfect and therefore take a lot of develop capacity. It would be helpful already, if such a deposit would not be included in the price per night only. That should be relatively simple. The tools for the return of the deposit can then be arranged in a next phase. Would this be an option?

    J. Davis

    Hi Erik,

    Thanks for your feedback. I’ve added it to our list of features. We will notify you when we have any news on this.
    Meanwhile, you may follow this article

    best regards,
    J. Davis

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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