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    Joel McCauley

    I think my situation best describes my needs.

    I have 4 cottages under one resort.

    I think my setup would be?:
    – load each cottage as an accommodation under one accommodation type.

    My needs are:
    – I want to be able go to checkout from each accommodation page
    – I want to have one Elementor page that loads my 4 accommodations, instead of creating individual pages for each.

    Is this possible?

    Adrian Ince

    Unless the cottages are identical (same photos, description, name, prices) you need four accommodation types, each with one accommodation. See wyeview.com for this scenario.
    Sorry, can’t help you with Elementor.

    Adrian Ince

    Sorry, forgot to add re. your first need:
    In Accommodation > Settings check both of these options:
    – Skip Search Results
    – Book button behaviour on the search results page

    Again, without knowing Elementor, you may be able to use the shortcode [mphb_room] with appropriate parameters four times on a single page to meet your second need.

    Joel McCauley

    Thank you for all that. Very much appreciated. Got me going in the right direction!

    Now can I ask… How can I dynamically create the same image slider that’s on the cottages pages of Wyeview? https://wyeview.com/cottage/hafren/

    Is this a specific plugin I can grab?

    I also don’t know how they are loading in the prices at the top of the booking block. My booking block doesn’t show it.

    Adrian Ince

    That’s the paid-for Booklium theme in Bed & Breakfast mode, with very little styling but quite a bit of Loco translation for terms like “Cottage” instead of “Accommodation”.
    The theme includes an asset “MPHB Flexislider” – but the (free) GETWID blocks extension includes “Image Slider” which is very similar.
    Not sure what you mean about the price, but check Accommodation > Settings
    Direct Booking Form – Show price for selected period
    Show Lowest Price for – 90 days

    J. Davis

    Hi Joel,

    Yes, Adrian is right – you need to add accommodation type for each cottage to present them and let the guests to reserve a specific cottage.
    As for the page where you wish to show all 4 cottages so you may install this addon for elementor https://motopress.com/products/hotel-booking-elementor-integration/ and add Single Accommodation Type widgets for each cottage or list of all cottages by means of Accommodation Types Listing widget.
    The gallery on the top of the property page is a feature of the Booklium theme.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

    Joel McCauley

    J Davis,

    I’ve been in and out of this plugin over the last few days after purchase. I love it. If you wrote this, I’m very happy thus far. Thanks!

    I think what I said about the 4 listings may be confusing.

    I’ve created a “single page” in my Elementor Template Builder.
    I called this “Accommodation Types Template” and set it to display on all Accommodation Types pages.

    This has allowed me to have one page that pulls in the Accommodation Type via Post Content widget, and the sidebar being loaded in via Sidebar widget.

    This way I have one page, that dynamically loads any accommodation types I create. Great!!

    My next step is editing these blocks to my liking. I am professional front end dev, so if it takes some more advanced things, I’m sure I could get it to work -but I don’t want to hack anything if I don’t have to.

    #1. I would like to build a slider like in booklium, but how could I get the Accomodation Type gallery to dynamically load into any Elementor slider widget? Any thoughts on this?

    #2. How can I edit the content of post content/booking form, is this tied into the theme? If I could edit these, then maybe I could at least build my slider with shortcodes right?

    Are you suggesting maybe my best route is to purchase Booklium and gut that section from the theme and add it into alpen?

    Hope this makes sense!,

    J. Davis

    Hi Joel,

    Thank you for your reply and for your kind feedback.

    1. There should be some Gallery Widget that loads media files assigned to a specific post. You need to make sure that the images are attached to a proper post. You may learn more about unattached media files here https://wordpress.com/support/media/2/
    2. At the moment it is possible to add 2 widgets only that will work correctly with Elementor Theme Builder: the Availability Form (Booking Form) widget and the Availability Calendar widget. All the rest elements can not be added as widgets or shortcodes. Thus you may remove the default blocks and add the availability form and calendar to the content of the page.
    We have this task in our list of features and we hope to add the rest of the system blocks like details, price, and gallery as Elementor widgets to the theme builder.
    Note: there is no possibility to copy that section from Booklium and paste it to the Alpenhouse theme.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

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