problems betwen woocomerce and hotel booking

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    christian bustos

    I have a canceled reservation, with failed payment, however in woocomerce it is paid.
    When reviewing the log it is seen that it was failed, however when the client manages to pay and woocomerce approves it, the reservation is still canceled and is not updated, I attach images

    Woocomerce detail

    payment detail

    book detail

    Andre Flores

    Hello Christian,

    I would kindly ask that you submit a request to our Help Desk providing temporary access details to your WordPress dashboard, so we take a closer look at the issue.
    Also specify ID’s of booking, payment and WooCommere payment, so I could check them.


    Galega de Software Especializado slu – B27331230

    he website I’m working on is, which is a rural house and wine shop.
    The wine shop is functioning properly, but the page where the payment for the rural house accommodation is directed is not working. The payment methods are not available and the buttons are not functioning. The shop is set up with WooCommerce, and the accommodation is managed with Motopress. There are two separate checkout pages. I’m not sure if it’s misconfigured or if the pages were not created correctly. I’ve been facing this issue for several days. I kindly ask for your assistance.

    I’ve also attached some images of the pages and shortcuts for illustration purposes, so you can see how my page is configured.

    Images here:

    J. Davis
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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