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    Ryan Labelle

    I’ve been testing the Hotel Booking System and customizing the confirmation email templates, and noticed that when a customer selects Pay on Arrival as the payment method during the booking confirmation process, a booking confirmation email is sent to the customer, stating that the reservation is approved.

    Now, here is the thing, the Booking Confirmation mode is set to: Confirmation upon payment, and this is not with WooCommerce gateway. So, if we (administrators) offer the Pay on Arrival option as a payment method, customers will get a booking confirmation email (with approved status) which is actually opposite to what we intend in the Booking Confirmation settings. Also, customers are redirected to a Payment Success page showing a Thank you for your payment message.

    I know that these messages and ‘texts’ can be edited but it could be confusing for customers and a door for future problems if that is not covered in a terms and conditions policy. I hope I’m explaining this correctly 🙂

    Any ideas on how to work around this matter in terms of code logic, email templates?

    I tried setting “Confirmation Mode to By Admin Manually”, problem is, customers will not be able to pay online (via Paypal or credit/debit card) as the checkout option gets disabled, and they are redirected to a Reservation submitted page.

    In my website I’m planning to give customers the option to pay on/off line, but I was dealing with this Pay on Arrival option and could not figure out how to prevent the payment approved status after checkout.

    I’m thinking that it would be great if we could have the same result you have when Confirmation Mode is set to By admin manually, but with the Pay on Arrival method (or other off line method), while keeping the option to pay online as well.

    Will that be possible to setup?


    Mary Evans

    Hi Ryan,
    1. A booking becomes Confirmed for an accommodation to be unavailable for other guests to book. It is also necessary for ical synchronization so that there is no overbooking.
    2. At the same time, the payment for this booking has the On Hold status, which means that there was no payment, i.e. it is pending.

    We also don’t like the redirect to the Payment Success page. Nevertheless, this is a standard behavior for all payment systems, and “Pay on Arrival” is one of them. We could change the logic and use the Pay on Arrival method to redirect the user to the Booking Confirmed page.

    Otherwise, could you please describe how you see the behavior when confirming the booking with “Pay on Arrival”

    Best regards,
    M. Evans

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