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    The situation:
    We have set the booking buffer option to one day in the Hotel Booking plugin. This is perfect for cleaning etc.

    We also list our accommodation on Airbnb. Airbnb also offers the option to set ‘Preparation time’: Block 1 night before and after each reservation.

    We synchronize calendars between Airbnb and Hotel booking plugin.

    The problem:
    Hotel Booking plugin is adding the 1 day booking buffer to bookings imported from the external airbnb calendar. This is undesirable because Airbnb already added the extra day. Now we block two days extra in our system on the bookings imported from airbnb.

    Suggested solution
    The Hotel Booking Buffer should only be applied on reservations made in the WP/Hotel Booking environment. This is also the case on Airbnb: only reservations made on airbnb get the extra airbnb ‘preparation time’. Airbnb does not apply the extra time on bookings imported from Hotel booking.

    Andre Flores

    Hello there,

    I have checked the behavior locally and was unable to replicate the issue you are referring to. Despite the website and imported OTA accommodations both had a booking buffer of 1 day, the accommodation on the website did not add 1 more buffer day to the existing rule, the buffer still stood as 1 day and not 2 days. If you believe the issue persists, kindly submit a request to our Help Desk providing temporary access to your WordPress dashboard, so we take a closer look at it.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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