Italian regulation requires Codice Fiscale on booking Form

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    Marco Moretti


    In Europe if a Italian Citizen is filling the form booking it requires to add a fiscal code
    additionally if the booking is made by a company it needs the VTA number

    Would it be possible to get a Form Booking when Country is Italy to show an new field that is required* to add the fiscal code ? for all other countries the field is not required

    and for a company maybe add a checkbox to enable the VTA field the information

    The problem is that we are not allowed to send any Invoice for both examples mentioned without the information for Italian citicens fiscal number and for all other countries if using a company Name to send invoices without vta number

    hopefully you have a solution for this
    thank you

    J. Davis

    Hi Marco,
    There is no option to add conditional fields at the moment. You can ask the customers to send this information in the Notes field or separate optional field for this purpose by using the Checkout Fields editor

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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