Issues with the dynamic cache and cookie set by mphb_session

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    I’ve already open a ticket about this but I think it’s better to reminder it also in the forum to keep the topic alive until it’s resolved.

    The problem is with the dynamic cache managed from a SiteGround hosting plan and a cookie set by the plugin “Hotel Booking”.
    Obviously, the problem is also present in all hosting plans of other companies that use the dynamic cache.

    The website is not cached because there’s a cookie set for mphb_session.

    This is the reply received from SiteGround tech assistance about my request how to ignore the cookie using SG Optimizer:
    We can’t ignore cookies because of their bad coding. It doesn’t make sense to open a session if you want that content to be cached. And it doesn’t make sense to have session before you even start showing dynamic content per user. That’s just bad coding. You can either consider changing that booking plugin with something better or using a different solution. We will not be changing the way our NGINX caching works…

    The problem is serious because without the dynamic cache the TTFB is very bad with possible penalties in Google ranking.

    If anyone has already found a solution on their own and wants to share it, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Andre Flores

    Hello Michele,

    Thank you for raising this topic, our developers are already aware of the issue and will investigate it from their end. Th topic will remain active until the solution is found.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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