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    Paul Elliston

    Hi. I’ve only recently bought the Hotel Booking plugin (so apologies in advance if this is a very basic question). I’m currently trying to set up the booking process on our site and am unsure how to get it to work.

    So far, I have a calendar showing availability and then guests can specify the dates they want, and it then shows the price and then, if they want to proceed, they can input their details and send a booking request for me to approve manually (we want to do it this way as we’re a small family business and there will be times when other commitments mean we just can’t get ready for guests and accept their booking).

    This shows up on my All Bookings page as “Pending Admin”. If I accept the reservation, I guess that I move the status to “Pending Payment”, but how is the guest then able to input their card details etc at checkout to complete the booking?

    Mary Evans

    Hello Paul,

    As we understand, you’ve activated the Confirmation Mode to “By admin manually” in Accommodation > Settings?
    In this way, once a guest makes booking, admin should confirm/cancel it in the back-end by attaching the corresponding status to the requested booking (“Confirmed”/”Cancelled”).
    Please, note that with “By admin manually” Confirmation Mode, admin manages payment manually. That is, you would need to request payments manually beyond the plugin functionality.
    Nevertheless, you can do this automatically without any efforts with the Payment Request addon.
    The Payment Request addon allows requesting the payment any time manually by clicking the button or automatically in a certain number of days before arrival.

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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