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    Kevin Harwood

    ** Helpful Info: We are using the Hotel Booking plugin in conjunction with the Oceanica theme. We rent cabins which are being treated as “rooms” with this plugin. **

    Just to simplify things and keep them in one place, I wanted to start a single thread for feature requests and changes. I know we’ve inquired into one or two of these before, but we never got a solution for them. Considering that these are common needs, I don’t think we should have to pay for custom programming.

    1. Pet Fee. We should be able to ask how many pets a guest has and charge a daily fee per pet. eg. Two dogs at $20 per day for three days should cost $120 in addition to the rate that guests pay for themselves. I would imagine the current fee function could be easily modified for this purpose.

    2. Square Units. There should be a space after the number when displaying square units. I imagine this should be an incredibly easy fix, but I don’t know where to change it in the coding for the room loop and single room templates.

    3. Ability to paginate “all rooms” results. We have 8 cabins (and may add more in the future) and displaying all 8 properties on a single page with each one having a photo gallery, excerpt, attributes, etc. makes the page extremely long and large. We’d like to be able to display 2 or 3 cabins at a time and have a “show more results” button.

    4. The pages for single accommodations are also rather long. The ability to display the Details and Availability Calendar sections for the related cabin on the sidebar as opposed to below the gallery would make desktop viewing more user friendly and efficient. I’d be fine doing this with a custom sidebar plugin if there are short codes that take arguments we can use to do so.

    5. Reservation form on the single accommodation page should be for booking that accommodation only; instead of doing a search against all available accommodations for entered dates. The booking process for people who have already selected a specific accommodation and looked at the availability calendar is being over-complicated by making the user do a new search before being able to click the “Book” button for that specific accommodation. Essentially, the reservation form isn’t actually a reservation form; it’s a search form.

    6. “Prices Start At” displays max occupancy price. I addressed this issue on the thread at https://motopress.com/forums/topic/accommodation-capacity/page/2/ but I’ll put it here also to keep everything together.

    The “Prices start at” price should always display as the base price (the price for the lowest number of occupants in the variations for that particular accommodation) unless a visitor has already selected an exact number of occupants. Showing people the max occupancy rate is useless for anyone who isn’t planning on booking the room at max occupancy. It may also discourage those people from booking.

    – Justin Roodman

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    Stacy Lind


    1. The pet fee can be added as a per adult service in Accommodation > Services.
    2. The space can be added in wp-content\plugins\motopress-hotel-booking\includes\bundles\units-bundle.php Note that editing this file is not update-proof.
    You can also change it with a translation plugin (update-proof):
    How to change text in MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin?
    3. [mphb_rooms] has pagination parameters described in Accommodation > Shortcodes.
    Unfortunately, there are no pagination settings for the search results page. We will add it to our feature request list and will notify you when it gets implemented. As temporary workaround, you may add Load More button using a third party plugin e.g. Ajax Load More Anything. After you install the plugin navigate to Dashboard>Settings>Load More Anything. There you should add the following information to add the Load More button for room types on the search results page:

    Load More Button Wrapper     -    .mphb_sc_search_results-wrapper
    Load More Div  -     .mphb_sc_search_results-wrapper .mphb-room-type

    4. A few ways to edit accommodation type pages with or without coding are described in this article:
    How to edit accommodation type pages?
    5. Enable Skip Search Results in Accommodation > Settings.
    6. ‘Prices start at’ displays the lowest base price. Change them to the price that you want to display before availability check. Make sure to add all per person variations so that the prices are displayed correctly once customers run search.

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