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    Pamela McCue

    I’d like to make a few feature requests that would make our experience much better.

    First, we’re using the Woo Payments addon solely because we wanted to get instant order notifications as we do from AirBnB. WooCommerce has several plugins that allow text messaging but now we have the problem that when we receive an order notification, it doesn’t tell us what property was booked, it just says something like “order received for ‘Reservation’ X1”

    This could be resolved by either:
    1. allowing each property to be associated with its own product in WooCommerce so we can name those products accordingly, or
    2. providing a new addon plugin that provides instant booking notifications. This can be done through an app similar to Order Alert (but made for Hotel Bookings Plugin instead of WooCommerce) or by integrating with an SMS provider like Twilio such as WooSMS plugin does with Bulk Gate.

    The ability to receive instant booking notifications via text message is a major request for my client and an extension that makes this possible would be very well received.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    J. Davis

    Hello Jarem,

    Thank you for your feedback. We have added your suggestion to our list of features.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

    Kalvis Kalsers

    Hi, is there some progress with booking reservation notification by sms?

    Andre Flores

    Hello Kalvis,

    We have just released the WooCommerce Payments add-on update with an ability to insert the product label, which may also include such information as: Booking ID, Reserved Accommodations, Check-in Date and Check-out dates. If you are using this add-on, you will be able to use an additional plugin for WooCommerce, e.g. WooSMS as Pamela suggested in her initial reply.
    This will allow you to get SMS notifications once the booking is confirmed.


    Mathieu Dorval

    Hello Andre,
    You can fill in the product label with information from a booking.
    Example: Reservation, ID: %booking_id%, %reserved_accommodation_names%, %check_in_date% – %check_out_date%

    I did include the previous line, but I can’t find on the WooCommerce API and order pages where the information is used or usable.

    Mathieu Dorval

    Can you give us more information on the use of inserting the product label?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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