Different Rates for Children

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    J. Davis

    Hi Sylvain,

    Thanks for your feedback. The request has not been processed yet. I’ve added your upvote to the tasks to make it easier to set up variable pricing. We will notify you if we have any news.
    Meanwhile, we can just recommend you duplicate the existing rate to be able to tie it to the accommodation type and update seasons and prices instead of creating it from scratch.

    best regards,
    John Davis

    Sylvain Deschamps

    With all due respect for Motopress and you John, we have 32 different “seasons”, considering we have this above 12 for up to 20
    13 adults 1…2…3…4…5…6…7 child (8 prices)
    14 adults 1…2…3…4…5…6 (7 prices)
    15 adults 1…2…3…4…5 (6 prices)
    16 adults 1…2…3…4 (5 prices)
    17 adults 1…2…3 (4 prices)
    18 adults 1…2 (3 prices)
    19 adults 1 (2 prices)
    20 adults (1 price)
    + we have weekly rate (36 rates)
    = 72 rates

    * 32 seasons
    = 2304 prices…

    On AirBNB or ChaletRenting, we can update a whole year in about 2 hours, it takes me about 2 weeks on Motopress… Make sense, not really…

    Claudette Bradley

    I will upvote this.
    Deeply disappointed at the way pricing is done through this plugin. I have a client that allows 22 guests with different pricing for children and adults, and infants (under 2’s) are free… that is a ridiculous amount of variations I would have to enter manually. Not sure how I will do it yet.
    For a plugin that costs this much to purchase, this is a pretty big issue!

    J. Davis

    Hi Claudette, Thanks for your upvote and thoughts.

    Tineke Bouwman

    Hi everyone,

    Yes, we’d also love different rates for different age children. We’re a campsite and have children up to 3 for free. Children 3-12 rate A, children 13-18 rate B, and adults rate C (full price). So in our case 4 different rates depending on age.

    Thank you for looking into this : )

    Sylvain Deschamps

    Lost my message but don’t hold your breath, been 3.5 years and you will learn development is very slow. Sometimes for a 2 line mods it takes months… We had somebody develop part of it for us to save us time but I dunno for the 3 prices if it will be possible anywhere

    Harvey Blom

    Hello team Motopress.

    My team also stumbled on this one. We are working on a camping website with different accommodations and pitches. Imagine a family wants to book two small tent pitches. One for two adults and one for two children. The base price rate is 4 euros per night for each small tent pitch. Adults are 5 euros per night and children are 4 euros per night.

    There is no option to apply different price rates for adults and children per night for the same accommodation type.

    I hope the next update will provide this option.

    J. Davis

    Hi Harvey,
    There is required at least 1 adult while booking any accommodation so there is no option to book a separate accommodation for children only. It is possible to set up different rates for adults and children. Our developers are working to enhance adding variable prices for adults and children to skip adding multiple variations. It may be released in one of the next updates.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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