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    Philip Meyer

    Hi, I have submitted a ticket also but haven’t had a reply (Bought the Motopress Membership)I am brand new to Motopress and need some assistance with my first setup.

    I have a client who has a relatively small establishment with 9 rooms. They charge different rates for children:

    – Secondary School children: Full Price
    – Primary School children: Half Price
    – Pre-school kids: Free

    How is the best way to set this up under the accommodations? Take room with 4 beds for example. With one double bed and two single beds?

    Eg. adults/secondary school pay $100, Primary school pay $50 and Pre-school $0

    Thank You

    Andre Flores

    Hello, Philip!

    Unfortunately, there is no option in the Hotel Booking to divide prices for children by their age, there are only Adults and Children prices. You may add a description for children age under Accommodation ->Settings, e.g.: https://prnt.sc/uz22w9 in order to let your Guests know that Children are defined as secondary school children. In order to charge extra for primary school children you may add them as a Service, so in case your Guests have some primary school children they will be able to select the corresponding field to pay additionally. However, there is no option to calculate the 50% of the initial price for them automatically, so you will have to adjust that price manually.

    Another option would be considering secondary school children as adults (add some note to your Guests) and primary school children as Children – in this case you will be able to use Variable Pricing and set 50% of the initial price per night for them: https://prnt.sc/uz28bg. Check this video on how to set up variable pricing.


    Philip Meyer

    Thank you for your reply Andre,

    I will try it and let you know if I run into any issues.

    Andre Flores

    Hello, Philip,

    You are most welcome. It would be much appreciated if you leave your positive feedback about the Hotel Booking plugin at: https://motopress.com/products/hotel-booking/#edd-reviews-respond.

    Thank you in advance.


    Gundula Uray

    Up vote – the Hotelbooking plugin needs to get more granular here – ie children up to 3 years old do not get charged – children from 3 years pay 50% and then we have the adults that get charged 100%.

    This is a basic requirement needed in many countries ….as can be seen from various tickets in this forum.

    Sylvain Deschamps

    Add me to the list… Different price for children IMO is basic. I don’t want to create variable pricing per night for example each room,
    13 adults + 1 kid = this rate
    13 adults + 2 kids = this rate
    13 adults + 3 kids = this rate
    14 adults + 4 kids = this rate
    14 adults + 1 kid = this rate
    14 adults + 2 kids = this rate … Our rates change at >13 adults/kids up to 20 so I would need to do rates for 13 up to 7 kids, 14 up to 6 kids, 15 up to 5 kids, 16 up to 4 kids, 17 up to 3 kids 18 up to 2 kids au 19, 1 kid, imagine the time it would take per accomodation type, like, hours doesn’t make sense, need the “from age” xx$

    Sylvain Deschamps

    What you said is exactly what we need. Kids up to x are free, from y to z they pay 50% off adult rate and from 13 and up, adult price.

    J. Davis

    Hi Gundula and Sylvain,

    If the infants or children up to 3 years old are free of charge then you may simply indicate the age for default Children parameter e.g. Children (from 3 to 15 y/o). You may ask to specify the amount of children under age 3 in some field of the checkout forms – e.g. Notes.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

    Gundula Uray

    @J Davis: your suggestion will not work because the calculated price given to the customer will be wrong and they pay by card instantly. Sylvian summed it up nicely – this is what is needed:

    kids up to x are free, from y to z they pay 50% off adult rate and from 13 and up, adult price.

    Plus an easy way of entering this without having to specify hundrets of calculations is needed.

    This request is scattered around in many other parts of this forum with many many upvotes. Please consder this urgently.

    J. Davis

    Hi Gundula,

    Thank you for your feedback however you did not specify why you think the price will be calculated incorrectly?
    For example – there is an Apartment with the capacity of 2 Adults and 2 children (from 3 to 13 years old). The owner sets a price for adults 100 and for children 50 and adds in the description that children up to 3 years old are free of charge and asks to indicate the number of children under 3y/o in the Notes field or in any other way.
    A family of 2 adults and 2 children: one is 2 years old and another one is 7 years old. So on the checkout, they select 2 adults, and 1 child and add the notice about 1 child under 3y/o.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

    W4M LDA

    Up Vote on Sylvian suggestion. It has to be simpler to had different prices for adults and children. shouldn’t have to be so complicated and it should be more easier then the system you have now. Imagine if you have a max person capacity of 100 and have to make variables for each one. that’s not the solution.

    Please consider this and make it workable on future updates.

    Best regards.

    Sylvain Deschamps

    As said, we need more fields and automatic calculation, it’s basic. Pricing over x persons is +x$ for each one from 3-6 years old for example +y$ for 6-13 years old and z$ for people above 13 and voilà, it calculates the rate automatically. Go check on all the websites I gave you, I wrote a very in depth and lenghty description but it’s like AirBnB, Bookings, most of the sites in fact, a field:
    Adults 13+
    Child 6 to 12
    Infants 1 to 5

    Rates for each and mostly, a way not to have to write in the rates (for us, above 13 there’s an extra fee)
    13 – 1 child = xx$
    13 – 2 child = yy$
    13 – 3 child = zz$
    13 – 4 child = aa$
    13 – 5 child = bb$
    13 – 6 child = cc$
    13 – 7 child = dd$
    14 – 1 child = ee$
    14 – 2 child = ff$
    14 – 3 child = gg$
    14 – 4 child = hh$
    14 – 5 child = ii$
    14 – 6 child = jj$
    15 – 1 child = kk$
    15 – 2 child = ll$
    15 – 3 child = mm$
    15 – 4 child = nn$
    15 – 5 child = oo$
    16 – 1 child = pp$
    16 – 2 child = qq$
    16 – 3 child = rr$
    16 – 4 child = ss$
    17 – 1 child = tt$
    17 – 2 child = uu$
    17 – 3 child = vv$
    18 – 1 child = ww$
    18 – 2 child = aaa$
    19 – 1 child = bbb$
    20 – 0 child = ccc$

    Do you want me to copy-paste this for my 33 seasons rates so you see how much work it would be? For my 3 different accomdoation types? (EVen if I can copy, I would need to change the 33 seasons rates times 3) + sometimes I have week pricing so would also need to add those colums, do the math, 33 seasons rates * 3 * 7 weekly price over the year * 30 different prices, just doesn’t make sense, I would need yearly to do 6300 prices. What disappoints me, this feature to us is essential and it’s been a upvoted request for more than 2 years so unsure if it will be there in a near future and as said, this feature is on mostly every reservation/booking sites…

    Gundula Uray

    @ J. Davis:
    To answer your question: The problem is no one will enter it the way you suggest. As far as they are concerned they are:

    2 adults and 2 children
    and NOT
    2 adults and and one child over 7 and one child under 7 for which they will remember to make a note.

    they will simply enter 2 adults and 2 children. The calculation needs to be done on your side in the backend based on the rules the host sets. You cant expect a client writing a note – believe me. If you do then you have never worked in that biz. example_: we often ask clients on the checkout page to fill in a guest sheet with all details of the guests (address/age/ etc….thats called a Gästemeldung) which is a legal requirement here in Austria/ Germany etc etc. believe me they never do and you have to chase them up until they arrive.

    That is the reason why the receipt will be incorrect. The rules must be set up in the hote booking plugin based on the age of the children (age could be made a mandatory filed). The experience for the client must be as simple and easy as possible and that is exactly what other portals provide. The client does not have to think these things. He simply gets the summary presented for hi on the checkout page showing how much is charged. So a child would be “abc$” while and adult would be “efg$” and another child group would be “hij$”

    so in summary what is needed is:

    a) price for a baby (age a-b …for example: 0-6)
    b) price for child (age c-d….for example 7-16)
    c) price for adult (age e-f….for example >16)

    and that needs to be entered in an EASY way without having to enter all the combinations and permutations of possible choices (the way it currently works even with just two groups (adult & child) is really NOT feasible.

    another reason why you need a dedicated category “baby” is that children bellow 6 do NOT pay city tax here. So you must specify the baby in a field as a person of the party instead of entering it in some text field. Another reason why entering the baby as text note will never lead to a correct pricing for the client.

    J. Davis

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your thoughts. I’ve added your requests to our list of features. We will notify you if we have any news on this.
    Anyone who needs to add a new age group for Children, feel free to leave your upvotes below.
    As for making it easier to add variable pricing (per number of guests) so this will need a separate topic.

    best regards,
    John Davis

    Sylvain Deschamps

    Is there an update on this? We are in 2023, we need to change our rates. Now, I checked, I have 44 seasons/rates + we have 8 rates for the 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 persons + we have 8 rates for when somebody book for a week. If i’m not mistaken it’s 44*8*2, 704 prices + we have 4 different Chalet, 2816 price to change, it’s the end for Motopress for us, looking for an alternative or if somebody know how to change those directly in the database, we would do so.

    Any help is welcomed.

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