Currency Switcher with reservation rooms

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    Hello there,

    My website uses the hotel booking plugin to reserve rooms at my hotel and had also added the woocommerce plugin together with its Hotel Booking WooCommerce Payments plugin to supposedly make them work together.
    So far it seems to work as is supposed to, but my problem right now lies with another plugin that i had been experimenting with:

    WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher

    I want to be able to use this plugin in order to switch the prices of my room into other currencies, specially the american dollar, in order to clarify the cost to my international guests, but so far the prices do not change in the hotel and when i go to the checkout page the prices turn to zero as if they where removed.

    Is there anyway to fix this? To not be able to do this with website would be a huge problem to me as everyone would only see the prices in Colombian pesos and it might confuse them!

    How can i set it up correctly?

    Andre Flores

    Hello Hevilat!

    Please note that there is no functionality for multiple currencies in the Hotel Booking plugin by default. We do have such a feature request though and I have added your up-vote to it as well. In case there are more similar requests from other users, we will consider adding this feature to one of the plugin future updates.
    As for the WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin, it can be used for WooCommerce products only, it can not be applied to accommodations themselves. I am afraid I can not recommend this plugin to achieve what you need.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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