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    Christelle Maitre

    I use the option “confirm by admin”. I defined a deposit 30% deposit time frame days 20. I booked a reservation on october 2020. I confirmed it by admin function (status confirmed). I used the payment request link, but the total amount is requested ?? i missed something ?
    thanks for help


    Mary Evans

    Hello Christelle,

    The “Deposit Time Frame” setting was created for the “Confirmation upon payment” mode. If we understood correctly, your confirmation mode is configured to “By admin manually”?
    The “Pay Balance Now” link (of the Payment Request addon) can be sent once. In case your confirmation mode is “Confirmation upon payment” and “Deposit” payment is enabled, so, once a guest pays Deposit on the Checkout, then he will get the “Pay Balance Now” link with balance due in the set number of days before check-in.
    If your confirmation mode is “By admin manually“, once a guest books an accommodation and you Confirm his booking, he will get the “Pay Balance Now” link with balance due in set number of days before check-in. In this case, “Balance due” means that the guest will have to pay the total sum of money (because he did not pay anything before). That’s why the “Pay Balance Now” link can be sent once, not twice (firstly to ask deposit payment and the next time to ask for balance due).

    You can see how the addon functions with different confirmation modes, on the addon description page.

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

    Christelle Maitre

    Hi May
    Thanks for these informations. But, it doesn’t fit with our process. I’ll have to find a manual alternative. I don’t understand why you link the fact of having to pay a deposit with the confirmation by payment method and only with it. We rent for vacations. We wish to confirm and validate reservation requests before any payment (reason why, I choose “confirmation by administrator”). But once validated, we wish, if we are at a certain (long) period from the checkin date, not to force the customer to pay the full amount. But we want also a commitment from him: He pays a deposit to confirm the reservation and, pays the balance with the payment request plugin. I will have to manage the deposit process manually in email exchanges with the customer and a manual update of the deposit payment 🙁


    Andre Flores

    Hello, Christelle!

    I am following your concerns, however, the issue is the Payment Request add-on can send the link to pay once only, therefore, it is either the due balance or the full amount. The Payment Request allows to calculate the amount of money, which needs to be payed, therefore, if nothing has been payed for the booking yet, the full amount is charged. If the deposit has been payed, then the balance due is charged.
    I hope this makes sense.


    Lena Deschner

    Hi Andre,

    I have the same problem. If I manually add a booking (for instance someone who wanted to book over the phone, or sent a request via email), then I need to be able to request both the deposit and the full amount at different times. Is there a way around this? Or will this be added? It would be really useful for our business, otherwise it gets really messy!



    J. Davis

    Hi Lena,

    Thanks for your question. We have this request in our list of features. I’ve added your upvote to this task. We will notify you when we have any news.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

    Jessica Chekroun

    I really need this too !!
    PLease massive upvote on it !

    Andre Flores

    Hi everyone,

    I am delighted to let you know that we have recently released the Payment Request addon v. 2.0.0 with the ability to create more types of payment requests: deposit-based, of any fixed amount, or a percentage of the booking value. Feel free to update the plugin to get this feature.

    Best regards,
    Andre Flores

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