Booking just one room separately or booking the entire house at once

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    István Tornyos


    I have 7 rooms that I rent out separately, but I would like to be able to rent out the whole house together if needed.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this?

    There are 7 rooms, and as an “eighth room” I would add the “whole house”, this would be the best solution.

    However, if someone occupies the “whole house”, then all the rooms should be blocked somehow. Or vice versa, if one of the rooms is occupied, the “whole house” should be blocked.

    Thanks if you have any ideas on this.

    Best regards:

    Mario Mata

    It would be great even for me.

    Raglan Thompson

    +1. I bought this up as a feature request months ago. I hope they are doing something about it. Currently, the only way to achieve this is by adding each room as an external calendar to the others you want to block.

    The article was here –

    But there are a lot of really annoying and stupid limitations. For example if you have 2 rooms rented out that overlap, it will only block the whole house for the duration of the first stay as it sees it as an error. So you have to manually keep an eye on every booking to make sure this doesn’t happen. It also doesn’t distinguish the difference between a booking from an OTA and its own internal bookings, so it truly is a workaround. For a place with multiple rooms and busy bookings its almost impossible to manage.

    István Tornyos

    I tried this too, but it doesn’t work and generates huge problems. If, say, there is room “A”, room “B” and room “C”, as well as the whole house as a “fourth room” (the 3 rooms in one), then this happens:
    Let’s say that room “A” is booked by someone, because of the above, this automatically blocks the “whole house”. However, then the “whole house” occupies the “B” and “C” rooms as well, which is not good, because no one actually comes to those rooms. And I’m not even talking about what happens when we want to synchronize this with external accommodation portals (e.g.…

    J. Davis

    Thanks for your feedback. We have this feature in our list of features. I’ve added your upvotes too.

    István Tornyos

    Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you. 🙂

    Michael Lacefield

    I would also love to have this feature
    If possible doing something like
    6 rooms
    half houses (3 rooms each)
    or Full House

    פפוצ׳ון השקעות בע״מ

    i also like this feature to be available

    J. Davis

    Thank you for your upvotes

    Michel van Doorn

    Please add this as an option also for me

    Anneke Icks

    I would like this feature too!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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