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    Ciaran Connolly

    How do you style the booking confirmation page?

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    It just displays in a big list? i want to style that?

    Even when i click on customize to try and do some CSS i see nothing
    Thanks 🙂

    Kok Wai Lai

    Support customization request on booking confirmation page.

    Especially the Price Breakdown part, i do not see there is a need to add the line like:-

    1. Dates Subtotal
    2. Accommodation Subtotal
    2. Accommodation Taxes Subtotal
    3. Fess Subtotal

    Thats just make it hard to read from mobile phone. It is better to make the booking process SIMPLE and SAFE. The fewer steps the better !!

    J. Davis

    Hi Ciaran,

    Thanks for your question. By default, the plugin inherits the styles (of headings, inputs, list, table) from your theme. If your theme does not offer proper styling you may add custom CSS to style it in the way you want. You just need to inspect the needed heading or another element on the page to find its class or ID and apply the other styles.
    Unfortunately, your last screenshot seems to be corrupted and we can not see what styles you have tied to apply.

    By the way if you want to edit, add or remove some fields from checkout form you may use Checkout Fields Editor addon

    best regards,
    J. Davis

    J. Davis

    Hi Lai,

    Thank you for your further question. By default the price breakdown is folded and there is not much information. If you can see the price breakdown unfolded by default you should navigate to Accommodation > Settings and disable this option.
    If you still do not need the mentioned information it is possible to hide that information from price breakdown applying custom CSS:

    .mphb-price-breakdown-dates-subtotal, .mphb-price-breakdown-accommodation-subtotal, .mphb-price-breakdown-fees-subtotal, .mphb-price-breakdown-accommodation-taxes-subtotal{

    Best regards,
    J. Davis

    Kok Wai Lai

    Hello John,

    Thx for the note. Appreciate it.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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