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    reviewing the forum and elsewhere, I could not spot a suitable answer.

    I followed the guidance reg. editing (default style) accommodation type pages via Elementor. I have created a custom template which works and saved under Elementor Templates.

    However, I cannot find an option how to apply this new custom (saved) template straight away to any of my other existing accommodation type pages still in default style, I have. I can spot to clone the new custom page/template but would mean to transfer/copy respective existing content one by one – is that the way how it should be or did I missed anything?

    Theme: Luviana incl. HB Plugin: 3.7.1, Elementor 3.x

    Thank you very much for your cooperation

    Andre Flores

    Hello Tilman,

    First of all you should use Elementor Pro, since it allows creating custom templates for custom post types single and archive pages.
    After that you will need to add the content to the Elementor template manually via shortcodes, e.g.: [mphb_availability] and [mphb_availability_calendar] ones. The ID’s of the accommodation types will be fetched automatically for each accommodation type page. The rest of the content will need to be added manually to each accommodation type.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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