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We'll take care of the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin initial setup and configuration according to your real business needs (property pricing, booking rules, booking confirmation, the search form, system pages setup and more). The setup is performed within default plugin settings, without custom coding.

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This service is provided by MotoPress.
    Hotel Booking Plugin Configuration

    The Initial Configuration service can be implemented only with the MotoPress hotel booking WordPress plugin.

    Initial Configuration of the Hotel Booking Website with No Efforts

    Get the MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking installed and configured by the creators of the plugin!

    We know the ins and outs of the Hotel Booking plugin since we’re helping clients out to get the most out of it daily. We’ll go through multiple basic plugin configuration settings to help the system run like clockwork.

    What Do You Get?

    Basic PackageStandard PackageAdvanced Package
    System pages set up (search results, booking confirmed, checkout, terms & conditions)
    Language and Currency settings.
    Basic email settings.
    Enabling the preferable booking confirmation modes: with or without a payment.
    Adding 1 tax and 1 fee that will be applied to the base property rate.
    Assistance to set up payment gateways (deposit/full payments)
    1-3 accommodation types (including up to 5 amenities and services)
    Season price (full year)11-2
    weekdays and weekends, high and low seasons
    e.g. low and high seasons, holidays
    Variable pricing set up
    Booking rules (min-max stay, check-in/out days)
    Assistance to set up iCal synchronization (, Airbnb, etc.)
    Basic PackageStandard PackageAdvanced Package

    What Results Will You Get with Hotel Booking Plugin Configuration?

    We make the initial plugin setup for your WordPress hotel booking/vacation rental website quick and smooth, so you’ll get your website up and running much faster.

    Our experts ensure that the Hotel Booking plugin system works seamlessly and the settings don’t conflict with each other.

    How to Get Started?

    Upon the purchase of the service, you’ll get an email with the list of details required for our team to start configuring the plugin for you. Once you’ve provided us with those details, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Please note: The service is valid for one website. The Hotel Booking plugin is not included in the service and should be purchased separately. We work on the service only during business days (public holidays and weekends are non-working ones). The setup is performed within default plugin settings, without custom coding.


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    Hotel Booking Plugin 5/ 5stars

    The support is awesome and always answered my queries and demands.

    Hotel Booking Plugin Initial Configuration 5/ 5stars

    I thank Mr John Davis for his help.
    Great skills.
    Fast configuration.
    Thanks a lot for him and for Motopress team.

    Hotel Booking Plugin Initial Configuration 5/ 5stars

    I thank Mr Flores for his help. I am not good in web design but Mr Flores answered to all my questions. I am happy with motopress support team especially with Mr Flores. His know his job and give good suggestion for solving the question. Thanks a lot for him and for Motopress team.

    Unbelievable Support 5/ 5stars

    I’ve been working with Andre Flores for setting up the Hotel Booking plugin and he is amazing. He is extremely knowledgeable in the product and is helpful with suggestions and ideas. Andre is very fast to respond to emails and has never missed one. I have worked with many companies in the past and I was kind of skeptical about working with this one but I am extremely pleased and very happy with the customer support and the software support that I have received. I am definitely going to use MotoPress again because their support is amazing and they have an awesome product. I will highly recommend MotoPress to anyone looking to use their plug-ins and booking software.

    Super Service 5/ 5stars

    I cannot praise the support team enough. They went over and above that which was required, answering all my numerous questions and providing me with additional info on how to do and implement certain actions.

    Hotel Booking Plugin Initial Configuration 5/ 5stars

    Really helpful, nothing was too much to ask and it was able to do everything I needed. Saved me days and hours setting up. Thank you.

    Fantastic - Simply Fantastic 5/ 5stars

    If this is your first time or 10th time installing the Hotel Booking Plugin, I HIGHLY recommend the Initial Configuration service. From quick turn-around support requests to tips and tricks and assistance, this services is Top Shelf!

    Hotel Booking Plugin 5/ 5stars

    Motopress support was first class, always answered what ever queries I had in a timely manner. Would highly recommend them.

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    33 Replies to “Hotel Booking Plugin Initial Configuration

    1. Porque no hacen mas sencillo el software para instalarlo, a todos nos compllican los tiempos con el proceso que manejan, como se si ya instalaron el sistema ustedes enviaran aviso de confirmacion o tengo que adivinar que ya lo hicieron, como se que incluye y que no, se supone que es, un software de reservas y trate de configurarlo y solo funciona hasta la confirmacion del precio y disponibilidad, y no abre el formato para la captura de sus datos del cliente y el pago, eso es adicional o como se configura, sus asesores del chat se limitan a decir que no saben y que envies por correo las preguntas y que no hablan español, es muy molesto porque antes que comprara si tenian asesores en español, ahora que ya compre se limitan a decir que solo ingles hablan, si van a vender en mexico deberian de contemplar eso como empresa, habra alguna manera de hacer la comunicacion mas sencilla? y que nos resuelvan las preguntas de una manera mas agil, porque asi como van de plano no lo recomendaria, a ningun cliente.

      1. Hi, thanks for your feedback. I’ve sent a reply to you in your support ticket. Please check it and reply to us.
        Our technical support is provided in the English language only.

        1. Hola Juan si mejortas tu tiempo de respuestas eso ayudaria llevo una semana esperando que configures el sistema que compre y no tienes la capacidad de decirme que lo que se coompr0o esta incompleto y que hay que comprar lo que falta, es una verguenza su servicio, dediquense a otra cosa.

          1. Hi Leonel, thanks for your feedback. We are eager to fulfill the request as soon as it is possible however we still did not get valid login credentials from you and we are still waiting for an answer to our questions to help you choose the proper addons/products. We would kindly ask you to reply to the messages that we submit instead of creating new tickets from another email address. Thank you for understanding.

    2. I have bought the service of Hotel Booking Plugin Initial Configuration.
      But no one has been contacting me about how to help me to setup the booking system.
      The most uncomfortable thing is…..I only can send email to them and…..hope someone will write me back….but no one is responding.

      1. Hello!
        My apologies for the late reply. Your message got lost in the shuffle. You should have received the answer via the ticket system. Please let me know if that works, or if there’s anything else I can do to be helpful going forward.

      1. Hi!
        My sincere apologies for the slow reply. Our agents should have contacted you and settled the situation. If you have any other questions or feedback – please don’t hesitate to let us know.

    3. Hi, I bought the hotel plugin for the site I built on bluehost. I received mphb-woocommerce-1.0.7 but bluehost wants Hotel Booking WooCommerce Payments plugin requires Hotel Booking plugin version 2.4.0 or higher.

      Hotel Booking WooCommerce Payments requires WooCommerce plugin version 3.2.6 or higher.
      We have spent hours trying to sort “it” for our small accommodation business. What is the solution?


      1. Hi Peter,
        The Hotel Booking WooCommerce Payments is an add-on for the Hotel Booking plugin and it also requires WooCommerce. It simply adds the WooCommerce Checkout page to the process of property reservation that is made via the Hotel Booking plugin. So you need to purchase Hotel Booking and Hotel Booking WooCommerce Payments to be able to set up the booking platform on your WordPress site and integrate payment gateways from WooCommerce.

    4. Hi, I bought the package, will they also help me to install plug in in my wordpress?
      because every time I try to install it I get an error screen and I can’t install it

      1. Hi Nicola,
        Thanks for your purchase. Yes, sure the installation of the plugin is included in this service and our agents will do their best to sort this out for you.

    5. Hi John,

      Would this Hotel Booking Plugin Initial Configuration service be configured to function for just one property or multiple properties since i have 100+ owners who will register their properties on my website.

      1. Hi Rahul,
        You can see all the tasks that are included in the service and there is indicated that we can add up to 3 properties on the site during the setup. This service is related to booking configuration only using the default settings of the Hotel Booking plugin.

    6. Hi,

      If we go for with the advanced configuration package does that include the cost of the plugin itself or is that seperate?


      1. Hello Andrew,

        The “Hotel Booking Plugin Initial Configuration” does not include the Hotel Booking plugin in its package. The plugin should be purchased separately and within the “Initial Configuration” service the purchased Hotel Booking plugin will be configured for you in terms of what is included to the service package.

      1. Hi Jo,
        This depends on the amount of properties and ical links that should be synced. Could you submit a request describing the whole scope of the work specifying all OTAs that should be synced, etc. ?

    7. Thank you for getting back to me. My question was more specific to what content (beds, sq ft, etc) you would need me to send? Do you have a list so I can get it ready?

      Can the search bar be customized at all? I had already added what was needed to make it horizontal. However, the search button drops to the next line. Can I not adjust field widths? What about colour, etc.?

      1. Hi Dwayne,
        – You can find the points that are included in the service in the table above. After the purchase, we will send a form to request all the information. Here what you can send:
        – Language and currency;
        – Information about your property (tite, pictures, description, amenities, beds, size, capacity, services);
        – Information about booking confirmation mode;
        – If the booking should be confirmed by payment we will need details about payment gateways that should be enabled;
        – Season and rates according to the plan you purchase;
        – Booking rules – certain days of the week for check-in and check-out, the minimum and maximum length of stay (if it is included in the plan);

        As for the form so it should be aligned in one line if you followed the steps described in the article. If it is not helpful you may contact our support team describing your case.

        1. Hi, could you please tell me if the plugin includes a sign up/log in configuration? And the possibility to get property reviews from the clients?


          1. Hi Laura, There is not available guest account or authorization in the Hotel Booking plugin. As fr the reviews so there is available special Reviews Addon that adds this functionality.

    8. Can you please tell me in advance what details you will require in order to effectively set up Motopress on my site?

      Also, will this include fixing the search availability bar on our home page?

      Thank you.

      1. Hi, thanks for your interest in our service. We will ask you to provide access details to your WordPress site with the role of Administrator in order to configure the Hotel Booking plugin per your requirements. If you need assistance with the ical synchronization setup, we may also request access details to your OTAs accounts (Airbnb, VRBO, etc). Or we will guide you on how to do this. You can see what is included. The access information is requested in a request in a private and secure way.
        As for the styles of the form so the HB Initial Configuration service does not offer customizations. You can see in the table all the parameters that can be configured with the current service.
        You may learn how to make the form horizontally aligned reading this article

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