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Google ranks faster websites higher. We know loads of technical secrets that will significantly optimize and speed up your WordPress website. Improve the usability of your website for the visitors, improve search engine rankings and eventually increase your conversion rate.

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have been added to your cart!

This service is provided by our trusted partner TemplateMonster Studio.
    speed up WordPress

    Let us speed up WordPress website for you

    40% of people leave the website if it doesn’t load within the first three seconds.

    Problems with the website loading times or the user experience? Not happy with the Google rankings? We know how to change this with the dedicated Website Speed Booster service by MotoPress!

    In particular, we know how to speed up website by utilizing multiple website performance optimization techniques for accelerating web browsing speed.

    What do you get?

    • Content optimization (compressed images, deleted unused plugins, etc.).
    • Minified HTML, CSS and JavaScript for better performance.
    • Implementation of the gzip compression.
    • Browser caching.
    • Leverage browser caching.
    • Site database optimization.

    The better user experience on your website, the better your website looks for Google bots. Grab your Google speed booster for WordPress to increase website speed today!

    In order not to lose half of your potential visitors, use this service for the sake of the fast loading of your business project. To improve the speed of your site, all we need from you is your website access credentials!

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