Want single-night rate to only show when a single night is booked

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    Christine Booth

    I have a standard rate for a two-night minimum booking and a single-rate for for a single-night booking. So booking a single night is more expensive (per night). For example booking 2 nights costs $430, booking a single night (only) costs $230.

    Currently when guests selects two nights they are presented with:
    O Standard-2 night minimum, $430 (this uses a 2 night-min rule)
    O Single night, $460 (this uses a single night min rule)

    Is it possible to only have the Single-night rule show when a guest books a single night? It is confusing when the single-night rate shows when guests book multiple nights.

    Thank you!

    Christine Booth (Tin Dragon Cottages, Tasmania in Australia0

    Andre Flores

    Hello Christine,

    You may achieve this within a single rate. Set the price per 1 night to $460 and the price per 2 nights to $430: https://prnt.sc/wlofom. The price will be calculated automatically depending on the number of nights your guests select and they will not be confused with the rate per night displayed when they book two nights.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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