Very high cpu usage, sync calls every second

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    Andy Smith-Dane

    Since the 18th March the site I have running hotel booking has been showing huge CPU usage, on checking the logs, it looks like a sync job is being ran every single second.

    I’ve raised a ticket, but the site is likely to be taken offline by the host for going over CPU usage shortly.

    It’s definitely only been happening since March 18th, so not sure if anything changed on that date update wise?

    Andy Smith-Dane

    I think I might have found the culprit, sync jobs were stuck and piling up on top of each other.

    Is there any way a feature could be added where by if a sync hasn’t completed by the time the next sync is due, it aborts the previous one? That seems to have sorted it

    Andre Flores

    Hello Andy,

    I would recommend to set the “Automatically delete sync logs older than” option to the minimum possible interval (Day) – this will prevent database from being overloaded with sync logs.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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