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    Tony Radistis

    Hi there,
    If I’m not mistaken, I saw today that in this new version of Hotel Booking we now have the ability to create a login page for the guests to easily manage their bookings. I can’t however, see anything in the settings, or a newly created page for this, or a new added widget for the elementor integration.
    Can you pls guide me?

    Thank you



    Alex M

    Have you updated to 4.2.0?

    Tony Radistis

    Oh, I hadn’t realised I had to manually download it through my Account’s page. I just upgraded the plugin through the WordPress Admin as a regular upgrade from the plugin page.

    I assume I won’t lose any settings if I manually upload the plugin?!
    I do have a back up, but it would be good if I don’t need to use it for this purpose 🙂

    Thank you Alex

    Tony Radistis

    Just got another prompt to update to 4.2 – success!
    Actually, this ‘Account’ page looks a bit basic with only the shortcode to implement. Looking forward to another update where I can manipulate via Elementor’s edit screen as a widget. with more options for design.

    Thank you!

    Valeriia Bavykina

    Hello Tony!
    Don’t worry. Your existing settings of the plugin will remain intact after updating. As for the ‘Account’ page, thank you for your suggestion. I’m going to pass along your request to our product development team so that they can consider this moving forward and weigh it against our current product roadmap.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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