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    I emailed the support team but haven’t received a detailed reply yet. Here’s my situation: I started out with just the Motopress Hotel plugin. After not really liking the way the fields appeared on a template I was using, I requested the Villagio Theme thinking it would solve the issue. Well, it didn’t quite solve it. So now I’m using the other theme instead of the Villagio theme, but with the Motopress Hotel plugin that came with the Villagio Theme (hopefully that makes sense).

    Now, one of the issues I was facing in my Bnb project was the need for weekly (or more) discounts that has now been provided by Motopress Hotel version 2.7.2 and above. So what I need to do, I understand, is update not the Motopress PlugIn itself but rather the Villagio theme (and in turn the Motopress Hotel PlugIn as it was integrated with it (the theme)). But I’m not quite sure the steps to do that. Nothing shows that the Villagio theme needs updating when I go to the Theme section of WordPress. And when I go to the products in my order history, I”m not sure what exactly what I’m supposed to download (again). An updated version? A specific folder (maybe “assets”?) within the download? I need very specific guidance on this. I can’t simply download the Villagio theme and Hotel Plugin again as WordPress tells me that all of this is already installed. Do I need to ditch the Villagio theme and go back to just the Hotel Plugin as my main plugin and hope that I’m able to update that to version 2.7.2? Or can I keep the Villagio theme AND the Motopress PlugIn and update it somehow and still use my beloved theme that I really like? I really need the weekly discounts feature. Thanks.


    J. Davis

    Hi George,

    Thank you for your commend. We have already emailed you specifying that Hotel Booking plugin that goes with Villagio theme can be used with this theme only. We are also sorry for confusion as we thought your question was whether generally Hotel Booking is compatible with other WordPress theme. So we said yes, it is because plugin is really compatible with WordPress themes.
    But if you get it with Villagio template you can get newer versions with theme update only.
    Thank you for understanding.

    best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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