Update theme to include latest booking of Hotel Booking.

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    Carl Sawatzky

    When will you be updating your theme to include the newest version of Hotel Booking? The comment below is from the Hotel Booking forum showing an update is needed for compatibility with the Payment Request add-on. Currently, your theme includes v 3.9.10. The update to 3.9.13 was in Sept of 2021. The latest version of the Hotel Booking plugin is now 4.2.5. Will we get an update soon?

    “Thanks for your reply. The incompatibility issue between Hotel Booking and Payment Request has been fixed since Hotel Booking 3.9.13.”

    paulo santos


    I had a similar issue with hotel booking plugin version included in the theme not being the same as current version.

    I had to pay a new license in spite of having a license included in the theme.

    It may take months before the included version in the theme was updated.

    They get extra cash for selling the theme with the plugin and then the stand alone and updated plugin.

    You don´t see the practice advertised when you purchase a theme license.

    J. Davis


    The update of the Hotel Booking plugin in the themes is one of the most priority tasks now. I hope it will be updated in the nearest future.
    If you have incompatibility issue between add-on and Hotel Booking plugin that us used in a theme feel free to submit a ticket to our support team to get assistance with this.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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