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    Maria Roncarati

    Unfortunately this booklium theme has been a nightmare for me, all the time it has problems with bugs, slow reading of gallery images and much more. This time there is an additional issue.(It happenened twice) When I want to add a new property, or new rate, or new season etc., instead of opening the settings for the new task, the click just sends me to the homepage. I am not able to do anything. The system just locks me out and redirects me to the homepage.

    The reason for this message is that we just payed for the new year/2022 and I’m re-installing the theme again to see if these problems disappear? I want to know how I can receive the new updates, including the hotel plugin, as I just paid and I want to make sure that I install the updates. Please advise as soon as possible as we can’t do anything and only use WordPress because of the calendars. We are very frustrated. Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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