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    Kean Chong Ken Yeoh


    I’ve created a manual booking for my customer, total booking price add up from the list of accommodations $5,340, however, we are giving a flat rate of $3,500 to customer, how can I deduct the amount of $1,840 from the total booking price?

    Currently what I did was click on the “Add Payment Manually” key in $3,500 in the amount field, however, when back to the booking page, it will show Total Paid $3,500, and To Pay $1,840. In fact, we should offset this $1,840 as we are giving the discount to customer.

    How should I deal with this scenario?


    Andre Flores

    Hello, Kean!

    You may achieve this by applying the coupon code only, there is no option to change the total booking price in the booking manually. Please note that the coupon code is applied to the accommodation rate only, it does not affect the services/taxes/fees.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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