The ‘Gallery Block’ doesn’t work properly.

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    The gallery block does not work very well at all, making me wonder if the programmers even finished it!

    For a start, whenever I have to make an edit to one of the pictures, ALL THE CAPTIONS (FOR EVERY IMAGE) disappear, meaning they all have to be retyped just for swapping out an image. This is highly annoying.

    Secondly, there seems very little control over how the images are presented in the gallery, short of determining how many columns you want to have. I would expect a much wider variety of options.

    Thirdly, when selecting images to link to a ‘media file’, I would expect to be able to easily navigate (backwards and forwards) to the next image in the gallery once I have selected any given image to view, except I can’t do this either. I don’t even have the option to close the image, so have to use the ‘back button’ in the browser which is not ideal.

    All in all, I don’t think this makes for a very good gallery or user experience. Will it receive any improvements, or is there an alternative workaround?

    Andre Flores

    Hi, Aaron!

    Thank you for your questions. I assume you are referring to Gallery block in Gutenberg.

    1). I have tested the gallery and captions are not removed once one/several images are removed/replaced. Please specify steps to reproduce the issue

    2). You may set the number of columns easily at the right side of the editing screen:
    You may also use Advanced tab to set custom CSS class for the gallery, in order to make it more flexible in regards of styling.

    3). Unfortunately, the light-box feature is not available by default, however, you may get it by installing additional plugins, e.g.: this one.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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