Stripe payment testing and fees

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    Patrick Berger

    Hello all

    Ive some questions with the payment…
    I tried to test the stripe payment gateway with the sandbox-mode on my wordpress site. the shown card number and cvc was rejected and it was generated an incomplete payment in my stripe account.
    Should this be like this?
    And how can I test the whole connection with my stripe account? The documentation isn’t clear enough for me and the stripe API documentation shows some testing details.

    Is it possible to make difference E-Mail templates for the different payment methots? If a customer selects payment by card he isn’t interested in the payment details a customer needs to know with direct payment method.

    Is it possible to calculate and pass the stripe fee on to the customer? So if I select payment by card there should be a hint with the fee amount and this fee should be added automatically to the billing details an the total amount. Or is this not the normal “way”?

    Thank you for helping.
    Best regards,

    Andre Flores

    Hello, Patrick!

    1). You may use testing credit card numbers in order to check how it works, you will find them here. In order to be able to use Stripe payments, other than credit card, you should make sure to set up Webhooks. Check this article on how to do that properly.

    2). Unfortunately, there is no such option by default. There are native customer e-mails in Hotel Booking plugin, which are sent regardless of the payment method. Your Customers may also get the e-mails/notifications from payment platforms separately, however, it is not controlled by the Hotel Booking engine.

    3). Such option is not available within default plugin functionality. If there is an additional fee charged by Stripe, you will need to add a note to your Guests, so they are aware of it before proceeding with the payment.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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