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    Tero Timonen

    Anyone else having issues with banner?
    I am trying to make listing with JetEngine and making Dynamic banner.
    So i have featured image and post title.

    Dynamic do not work backround image is just grey and topic of the post is not showing.
    Same results when i try Elementor models and dynamic pages.

    Is this problem with the banner or just my sites?

    Andre Flores

    Hello Tero,

    The Banner appears to be a static widget, are you trying to have it displayed dynamically via JetEngine or some other widgets?
    Kindly provide me with exact steps to replicate the issue you are facing.


    Tero Timonen

    I have tried to set banner as dynamic via JetEngine making metafield and get data to Elementor Pro models via Dynamic..
    Image and the texts

    Another way i have tried to make new post type and via JetEngine make listing of the post type and same way make banner as dynamic from the post type.
    Image and texts.

    As i said in first post i tried to put it a dynamic not static.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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