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    for me it is interesting if i can set the start time of the grid view.
    for now i add some custom css to hide the first 15 row:
    .mptt-shortcode-row-0, .mptt-shortcode-row-1, .mptt-shortcode-row-2, .mptt-shortcode-row-3, .mptt-shortcode-row-4, .mptt-shortcode-row-5, .mptt-shortcode-row-6, .mptt-shortcode-row-7, .mptt-shortcode-row-8, .mptt-shortcode-row-9, .mptt-shortcode-row-10, .mptt-shortcode-row-11, .mptt-shortcode-row-12, .mptt-shortcode-row-13, .mptt-shortcode-row-14, .mptt-shortcode-row-15 {

    J. Davis

    Hi Joachim,

    Could you specify the reason of your request to hide first 15 rows and result you want to achieve. We would appreciate if you send screenshots or examples so we could understand your request better.
    Can you you simply hide empty rows? If there are events you want to hide you can simply unpublish them.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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