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    Philippe Neaulme

    This module is perfect or almost because I find it a shame to divert its operation to satisfy my customers. Let me explain ! for me there is a concern about the automatic validation for payments by transfer.
    Indeed in my case, my clients rent one or more tourist apartments, they do not want online payments but only request a deposit with payment by check or bank transfer when booking. My clients only validate the reservation upon receipt of the deposit. And here is the beginning of the problem!
    – If I configure validation by the administration > the deposit is not calculated or offered to the customer of the site because it is only calculated from the payment gateways.
    – If I configure automatic validation by payment: then I find myself with stays validated automatically even before the payment is known and arrives at the rental company.
    Ideally, for payment by bank transfer, the validation rules should be changed and the administrator should wait for validation or leave the status at “pending validation”. It would also be necessary to have a different gateway for payment by check because I also divert the transfer gateway to indicate in addition that payment by check is possible on it.
    And it’s the same for cash payment on arrival which automatically validates a reservation instead of leaving control to the administration.
    Otherwise for me everything else is perfect and the calendar is superb!

    Pavel Lukáš

    It has more problems, if he pays by bank transfer, PAID will not appear anywhere in the order status. It’s just in payments. The status is only the reservation CONFIRMED. But that’s just that the reservation is approved by the admin. Another option PAID is missing and also the option to filter by paid – unpaid. It’s unthinkable.
    I am sorry for my bad English.

    Philippe Neaulme

    that’s right ! I hope that the next developments will take care of these small malfunctions for those who do not wish to use online payment gateways. I still have many customers who don’t want it. I found a solution but which is not ideal for some of them: I simply delete the module reservation form to recreate it via a classic form and the exchange ends with an email exchange classic for payment and down payment. The customer then copies the reservation information into the module to just display the calendar update and keep a history of the order.
    Not great but it makes up for the lack of the module.

    Pavel Lukáš

    I also purchased the Hotel Booking Notifier plugin, but it can’t send a message after payment, or a one-time message, and it can’t even send a payment confirmation. That plugin just sends a message x days before or after the booking date. It doesn’t even know the terms and conditions, so it sends payment reminders even to people who have paid.

    Philippe Neaulme

    hello, I personally have no problem on this point because the Hotel Booking plugin module perfectly manages email exchanges in my case. I also really like the quality of the frontend calendar which perfectly manages arrivals and departures.
    I think you must have a configuration problem on the emails on the payment gateway because I do have a message that is triggered for the reservation to the customer as the administrator. My personal issue is basically an auto status issue which is not consistent with my client’s.

    Pavel Lukáš

    I only pay by bank order, I don’t use payment gateways. Confirmation of the reservation is made by the admin only after checking the reservation.

    Philippe Neaulme

    Ok i anderstand…

    J. Davis


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Our developers are working to adjust the Bank Transfer payment gateway at the moment. There will be added option to set Pending Status for new bookings with an expiration time.
    Once the admin receives the payment for the reservations he will be able to go and simply change the status of the Payment from Pending to Complete and the Booking will be Confirmed. If the owner does not get paid within a set period, the Payment and Booking will be abandoned automatically.
    Stay tuned not to miss a new version fo the Hotel Booking plugin

    best regards,
    John Davis

    Philippe Neaulme

    This is excellent news!
    If you could tell your developers to double the “payment by bank transfer” section with another that operates identically, called “payment by check”, that would make the perfect copy for my clients who do not yet choose online payment.
    Thanks !

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