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    Cammy Heggie

    I have two properties I wish to let from the one website. Lets call them property A and property B. I have set them up as single accommodations and given them there own prices, seasons and calendars etc. That is quite easy, but I want each property to have it’s own landing page and when the client clicks to book/search availability then I want ONLY that property availability to be displayed.
    At the moment, if I am testing the PropertyA search availability form then on the search results page it displays propertyA availability and also propertyB availability below it. I have each shortcode on the corresponding property landing page set with their relevant id but the search results is displaying all my properties. This is actually worse for propertyB because the results display the availability for propertyA before the availability for the actual property the client will be searching for.. I would have thought that by assigning the id from the property to the search form then the results from only said property would be displayed. Is there a way to achieve this? Regards Cammy

    Stacy Lind

    Hi Cammy,

    You have done everything right to achieve what you need. The only setting left to enable is ‘Skip Search Results’ in Accommodation > Settings. Then the visitors will be able to check the availability only of a respective property on each landing page, and proceed directly to the checkout page.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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