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    Nelson Gonçalves

    I would like to show season rates, and booking rules, if any, when a visitor search dates.

    My point is, when a visitor search for availability, it returns the available rooms and price. But if the price is different from the base room price, the visitor does not know why. In addition, if there is a rule, for example, a minimum nights stay, the plugin automatically calculates for the amount of nights, but it does not say why.

    So what I would like to show, in addition to price and availability, is:
    – Season rates for the searched dates
    – Booking Rules, if any

    Search for a room for Valentine Days. Check-in on 2021-02-14, Check-out on 2021-02-15.
    The room has 80 € default price.
    For these days, from 12 to 15 February, price is 90 € / night, and required 2 nights stay.
    It returns:
    – Book [1] of 2 available rooms
    – Price starts at: 180 € for 2 nights.

    It should show:
    – Season Valentine Days – from 12 to 15 February, price is 90 € / night
    – Booking Rule: Minimum 2 nights stay
    – Book [1] of 2 available rooms
    – Price starts at: 180 € for 2 nights.

    is it possible? How?
    Can I edit the template to include this information?

    Nelson / Contacto Visual

    Andre Flores

    Hello Nelson,

    Thank you for your nice suggestions, we will definitely take them into account.
    Unfortunately, at the moment there is no possibility to achieve this, it would require plugin custom development to implement such features. Usually our Users add a table with prices per night for each season somewhere on their website, so their guests could see that information before checking availability. You may do the same as well as include booking rules or any other information in that table.


    Nelson Gonçalves

    Good morning

    You mean, add that information manually? for each room type? Isn’t that a double work?
    OK. I have this site online, so I will have to do so, but please, add this feature ASAP. Your plugin is great, and can be better, and this is a must. I’m sure many other developers and hotel site owners will agree on me.

    Best regards
    Nelson / Contacto Visual

    Nicolas Pereira

    Totally agree! It’s a must. It would be really useful.


    J. Davis


    Thanks for your feedback. Just a note – the price breakdown table can be found on the checkout page. There are described the price per each night, taxes, and fees.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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