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    Robert Burnie

    I am in the process of setting up with your plugin but when I installed the plugin it didn’t install the pages and shortcodes it was supposed to according to your manual. I have recently set up all of those pages and attempted to put in the shortcodes.

    I have added all of the accommodation types we have listed. However, I am confused on how to put in a booking form on each page for each type of accommodation. I’ve tried to put in the shortcodes but have gotten no joy at doing so. Help if you can.


    Stacy Lind

    Hi Robert,

    The booking forms are supposed to appear on the accommodation type pages by default. Make sure that the option Hide reservation forms and buttons is disabled in Accommodation > Settings. Also the forms may not appear if you haven’t set up the availability. For an accommodation type to be available it needs to have:
    1) available physical accommodations in Accommodation > Accommodations;
    2) a pricing season for the searched dates (Accommodation > Seasons);
    3) an assigned rate for the searched dates (Accommodation > Rates).
    Here are a few videos showing how to create accommodation types, seasons, and rates.
    If these are configured, but the forms still do not appear, please, submit a ticket to our support team and we will assist further.

    Robert Burnie

    I have all of those completed but still, do not have the booking forms. Am I missing the shortcodes? Every accommodation is set up for availability according to your checklist.

    J. Davis

    Hi Robert,

    That’s rather strange if it happens when even option ‘Hide reservation forms and buttons‘ is disabled.
    I’ve checked page of one of accommodation types (/accommodation/accommodation-1/) and can see that all the dates are unavailable (crossed) in calendar.
    Could you try deactivating plugins one by one checking if one of them causes a conflict? Or try to activate other theme just in order to test it and let us know the result.

    best regards,

    Zlatko Bolterstein

    You have to set up Rates for each Accommodation Type otherwise you’ll end up with this error.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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