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    Gabriela SOSA

    Hi. I have questions and the response time of the tickets is very long.

    First question:
    I have the plugin installed and after a week online I am having problems with the server. What requirements are necessary for the HB plugin to work properly?

    Second question: Regarding the search result.
    I need the search result to recommend ALL the options available for the number of guests I am looking for, not just one.

    In the event that it is not possible, I need you to order by number of guests the ones you recommend. Currently they are mixed with others that do not have the same characteristics.

    Third consultation:
    I can make the recommended result look aesthetically the same as the results below, that is, with photo, and more importance. The suggested search looks very poor relative to the other options.

    Andre Flores

    Hello, Gabriel!

    First question:
    There are no specific requirements for the Hotel Booking plugin, it all depends on the number of requests your website sends to the server (the number of accommodation types, the number of bookings/seasons/rates you have got etc. ). However, I would recommend having at least 256MB of memory limit, in order to avoid issues with exceeding it.

    Second question: Regarding the search result.
    Unfortunately, there is no option to display several accommodation types in the Recommended section. As for ordering accommodations in the search results, there are only two options to order them by in the [mphb_search_results] shortcode – “order” and “price”:

    Third consultation:
    Unfortunately, there is no option to have the recommended section to look like other accommodation types in search results, it would require additional customization in PHP code. If you have sufficient knowledge in PHP, you may overwrite default functions from search-results-shortcode.php file under /wp-content/plugins/motopress-hotel-booking/includes/shortcodes/ directory in your theme functions.php file in order to apply desired changes.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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