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    Charlotte Jones


    I’m using the booking plugin to show only ‘guests’, but when searching for accommodation, the search results are recommending accomodations with maximum occupancies below the required amount.

    For example, if someone makes a search for 6 guests, the system recommends an accommodation which only sleeps 4 (4 adults, 0 children).

    Any solutions? It’s quite misleading for someone wishing to make a booking.

    Mary Evans

    In recommendations guests gets the most optimal variant with the best set of accommodations according to a number of guests and prices. You can disable this option in the Accommodation tab > Settings.

    Best regards,
    M. Evans

    Charlotte Jones

    Hi Mary,

    Disabling this option gets rid of the recommendation, but it still shows all available accommodations for the date range, even if the occupancy is below what the user searched for.

    If someone searches for accommodation for 6 guests, I don’t want them to be shown a room that only takes 4 guests.

    Andre Flores

    Hi, Charlotte!

    This happens because if the accommodation for 6 guests is unavailable, your guests may still want to book accommodations for 4 and 2 guests. If you do not want this to happen, you may use this workaround.


    Charlotte Jones

    Hi Andre,

    Yes, I figured that may be the case. However it still recommends unsuitable occupation (eg. recommended for 10 guests: 1 x room with a max occupancy of 6).

    If there is only one room available with an occupancy of 6, it will still recommend it to a family of 10, when there is nowhere else available for the other 4 guests to sleep.

    I’ll take a look at the workaround, thanks.

    Mary Evans

    Hello Charlotte,

    As it was mentioned, by default, there are listed all available accommodation types on the search results page to let guests make a multiple booking or if there are no free accommodation types for the given search request.
    For now, it is only possible to limit search results to the requested capacity via the workaround with attributes provided in the article.

    We already have the request to limit search results to the requested capacity, on our feature requests list. We’ll add your upvote for this feature and notify you as soon as this gets implemented.

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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