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    Cindy Haubl

    When blocking a room, there are three options, all three of which can be selected at the same time or in various combinations:

    – Not check-in
    – Not stay-in
    – Not check-out

    But it’s not clear in which cases to use these, or in which cases they should be used in various combinations.

    EXAMPLE: Say I want to block a room from the normal check-in time of 3pm on August 1 until the normal check-out time of 11am on August 3; which options would I select to prevent others from double booking this room during the same period (such as July 31 to August 4)?

    Would I select all 3 in such a case, or just Not check-in + Not check-out, or something else?

    And in which situations would we use Not stay-in?

    Having clear instructions in your documentation as well as some use case examples would be very helpful.

    Mary Evans

    Hello Cindy,

    You may set up the needed restrictions in the Block accommodation rule (Not check-in / Not check-out / Not stay-in).
    The “not stay-in” restriction blocks the whole cell. In this way, the whole day will be greyed in the back-end calendar (in Bookings > Calendar), however, on the front-end, you will be able to check-in/out this day (if the restrictions are configured correctly).

    When you add a block accommodation rule with All Restrictictions, then all the dates will be unavailable for booking (screenshot However, (for ex.) if you add a block accommodation rule with the restriction “not check-out” for the last date (screenshot, then the date will be available for check-in (screenshot, but unavailable for check-out (screenshot

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

    Cindy Haubl

    Hi Mary, thanks for explaining this more. But I’m still confused about the purpose of ‘No check-out’. Perhaps your recommendations for a couple of examples will help me…

    Example 1: We have a contractor scheduled to do some room renovations at 6:00 AM on August 1 until 10:00 PM on August 3. Which restrictions would we use: No check-out + No stay-in + No check-in on August 1-3?

    I presume in such a case that ‘Not check-out’ prevents from someone else from booking the room from say July 28 (3pm check-in) until August 1 (11am check-out); but they would still be able to book July 28 – 31. Am I correct?

    Example 2: I have my family coming to stay in a room August 1-3 (2 nights) and they are not paying, so we would want to block this room from anyone else who might try to book it for August 1 (3pm check-in) until August 3 (11am check-out). In this case, would we use ‘Not stay-in’ for the dates August 1-3?

    Your answers to the above examples will help me understand how these work much better. Thanks.

    Mary Evans

    Hello Cindy,

    The “Not Check-out” restriction does not allow your guests to check-out during the specified date(s).

    As for your example 1:
    if you need all the 3 days (Aug 1-3) not to be available nor for check-in, nor check-out, all the restrictions should be added to the block accommodation rule (Not check-in / Not check-out / Not stay-in).
    Other days will be available for booking (July 28 – 31)

    Example 2:
    Yes, you would also need to add all the restrictions in this case.
    If you add only Not check-in & Not check-out restrictions, it will not be possible to book Aug 1-3 dates. However, it will be possible to book Jul 31 – Aug 4 dates.

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

    Thomas Kolnowski

    This is very helpful to know. Out hotelier client has been confused by this as well. I think it would make more sense if the restrictions were shown in both the backend and frontend using “No” instead of “Not” – for example, “No check-in” instead of “Not check-in.”

    My client uses this feature a lot.

    Thomas Kolnowski
    Digitized House Media, LLC
    Austin, Texas USA

    Andre Flores

    Hello, Thomas!

    Thanks for your suggestion, it is much appreciated. You may easily change the rules text using Loco Translate plugin, e.g. by changing “Not check-in” to “No check-in”.


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