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    Christer Fernstrom

    In my situation there are rooms (restaurant and fitness center) that should be bookable by the hotel admins (from the backend), but not by guests. I don’t think this is achievable as of today. I know that you can block accomodations, but then they can’t even be booked by admins.

    On the ROOMS page, I use the mphb_rooms shortcode with parameters so as not to show these rooms, which helps, but the problem reamins that they show up in the search results.

    I see two possible solutions: either being able to add parameters to the mphb_search_results shortcode the same way as for the mphb_rooms shortcode (this is the best solution because it can be used by non-developers), or by adding filters within search-results-shortcode.php to make it possible to hide what should be hidden programmatically.

    — christer

    Christer Fernstrom

    As a quick-fix for this, I used CSS:

    To hide the number of matching accomodations (which may be wrong):

    div.mphb_sc_search_results-wrapper p.mphb_sc_search_results-info{display:none;}

    To hide the display of the accomodation:

    div.mphb_sc_search_results-wrapper {display:none;}

    (where the post-13752 is the post for the room type to hide)

    J. Davis

    Hi Christer,

    Thank you for your question. You can try to achieve this by using different user roles and permissions. Thus you may be able to disable visibility of some accommodation types per user group permissions.

    best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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