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    Francesco Bruno

    I have a big problem with the stylke of my responsive style. The Pictures doesn’t go down, like in this video :
    Motopress Content Editor responsive

    I do it exactly like in this Video, i have more diferrent templates, but it never will work with motorpress content editor.
    My pictures, always stand side by side and not among themselve.
    Can you help me?

    Thank You very much !

    J. Davis

    Hi Francesco,

    By default each column is placed one by one (on top of each other)automatically in MotoPress Editor. But when you install CherryFramework4 Integration addon (provided by TemplateMonster) you need to set the size of each column for each device individually. For this you should select a column and define its size on screen dimensions according to Bootstrap Grid System:

    1. Extra small devices like Phones (<768px)
    2. Small devices like Tablets (≥768px)
    3. Medium devices like Desktops (≥992px)
    4. Large devices like Desktops (≥1200px)

    For example you have 4 columns. Thus you should select each column one by one and set:
    – 12 for Extra small devices – it means that column will be of full width on mobile device
    – 6 for Small devices (tablets) – each column will get 50% of the tablet screen size to form 2 columns in one row.
    – 3 for Medium and Large devices – each column will get 25% from the full width screen forming 4 columns in one row.

    Best regards,

    Francesco Bruno

    Thank you very much , it works very well


    Hi There, This worked mostly, thanks! But, I have an issue with headline text hyphenating over 2 lines on mobile? Do you know how I can avoid this?

    J. Davis

    Hi Steph,

    It is recommended to make the columns full width on mobile devices for better website usability. So you should type 12 for Mobile devices at each column properties. I’ve edited those columns for you. Check it now. It looks properly and blocks go one by one.

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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